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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by liame30, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. I know the RA have ceased recruitment but i was just wondering if anyone knew when they would start to take people on again, i asked my recruiter last week but he couldnt tell me.
  2. Various posters have said 2010.
  3. I got told march at the earliest directly from the army. There is a topic on this in the joing up thread.
  4. Larkhill is chockablock at the minute, they are rushing people out. You do about 10 weeks at larkhill if ur lucky. Drivers get out in 7-8 weeks
  5. The Gunners haven't ceased recruiting, however, we are a little full in some areas. Things will take longer to get in.

  6. i got told the next intake was november, as i'm joining, i dont mind waiting.

    i shall ask more in-depth tomorrow after my interview. ;)
  7. Did you talk to your recruiter today about recruitment time period etc? Also what job in the gunners are you going for?
  8. No, no, no, no, no!

    The Gunners have NOT ceased recruiting. There may be a delay in getting you through phase 2, but don't forget there's the little hiccup we like to refer to as phase 1 first.

    Yes, we're pretty flush for recruits at the moment, but this just means we can afford to be more selective in who we invite to join the Royal Regiment of Artillery.
  9. Ok thanks that clears it up a bit, i was just curious as my recruiter couldnt give me a start date for Royal Artillery when i did my barb test, his screen was just blank for Royal Artillery intakes.
    So if im found to be a good recruit at selection i should get a phase 1 start date in the near future?
  10. I can't comment on start dates and the like, however, I have it on firm authority following a conversation with a senior Gunner officer in the know at Larkhill that whilst we've slowed the process the tap has not been turned off. We made that mistake in the 90s briefly (as an Army) and suffered the ramifications for quite some time thereafter.

    The Army is still quite a big beast and as such things take time. It took almost a year from me walking through the doors of a recruiting office to walking through the gates of Sandhurst. Patience young padewan...
  11. Hopefully if I pass selection Iv been given 3rd January from my intake to the RA and I know theres another intake on the 10th January so the're still recruiting it just depends what date they give you. Good Luck anyway!
  12. all i know is the next intake is april
  13. As i said, there is an intake in January that I have been offered so there must be an intake before April.

    Maybe its becuase it is a different job choice? I'm guessing that they take all job options in at the same time though.