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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by la_singe, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick one,

    Anyone else attending the Artillery POC next week (16th, 17th, 18th March)

  2. I went on one a few weeks ago, was really good, the best I have been on so far.

    Give the assault course a proper effort btw - hardly anyone on mine seemed arsed by it.
  3. No but you might meet me!
  4. Not going but went on one a while ago and got "sponsored", I agree its the best one I have been on. Good people and good course, remember they will be assessing you from the minute you get off the bus, so don't blend in/stand out too much!
  5. They are not really assessing you. Don't worry about that, just relax and have fun.
  6. They are not really assessing you. Don't worry about that, just relax and have fun.
  7. la_singe I will be there next week. You looking forward to it?
  8. Should be a good crack, beats sitting in the library writing my dissertation!
  9. Ah yeh that's not so much fun!! See you there!
  10. They do assess you! But it is a good laugh, hopefully you'll get Capt P**** (if he still is there), he's a really good bloke. Also find out if you are going to have a drinks night with the YO's; and if so enquire as to what fancy dress it is. Only me and another bloke dressed as cheerleaders, and it went down a treat! (The fancy dress was jocks & cheerleaders... we didn't just do that for shits & giggles).

    edit: names (apologies msr)
  11. Hmm interesting, it does say we will visit the YO's bar and that we should bring some 'casual' clothing for this...didn't realise that actually meant fancy dress lol!!

    Don't think we have Capt X says, our hosts are Capt X and Capt X. Did you meet them?

    edit: names...sorry!
  12. No I haven't met either of them! It's a good visit though, is X still the recruitment guy for the RA? He doesn't respond to my letters!

    The YO's bar might not have a fancy dress night that night, they did when I was there. It got messy!

    edit: names (thanks msr)
  13. msr

    msr LE

    No names. You know the site rules :roll:

  14. Haha I can imagine it did!! Yeh I think he is.

    Definitely looking forward to the visit now, a lot of people have said it was good!
  15. It's a great visit.

    I had a blast in the YO's bar. Our hosts were the two Officers you mentioned hmp, both were very welcoming and gave us lots of great information. Don't pass up the opportunity to ask them questions - they are happy to field them.

    I would suggest you do them the courtesy of removing their names from your previous post.