RA (Para)

I was wondering how to apply for the 7th (Para) RA. Also do the times for the 1.5m etc. differ from the rest of the RA?


First off its 7 RHA not RA, small point (unless you want to join 21 AD Bty of course)

How do you join ? Just ask when you join up, concentrate on fitness obviously, you should be looking at a sub 9.30 one and a half mile run if you want a realistic chance, but don't sweat if you don't manage that at your recruit selection, they will build on that at Pirbright

Good Luck

PS have a back up plan (i.e another unit ) if you don't make it, go in with a positive attitude by all means but be aware that the majority fail P Coy, otherwise it wouldn't be much of a test would it
Cheers mate. I also want to know if the training of 7 RHA is more or less the same as the normal para's and what exactly is the role of the 7 RHA, obviously artillery but do they also carry out operations similar or along side the para's or infantry? ( sorry about saying RA instead of RHA, still learning all the regiments names and their roles)

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