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RA or Royal Welsh?

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Been in the application for 3 years and have only been delayed due to the C word. I’ve always been hoping to go RA, more 32 as I’m quite teccy, but I’m now leaning more to Royal Welsh.
I have my dull moments aswel and as having the slightest thought about joining infantry I’m probably suited for that.

1. What are future prospect for the infantry? I know you are only as sharp as your blade and stuff but realistically?

2. For royal welsh I know there Armoured, so does that mean no chance for P coy or AACC ?

any information will be more then helpful..

And I apologise if I sound like a stupid civilian.
Just to clarify - you're considering infantry, want to look at P Comany &/or Commando and Royal Welsh is what you were thinking?
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