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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by jakeyboy, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi I'm after some info what this job involves. Do they go out on patrol with the infantry when out in afgan. Or is this just a FOB role calling in air/artillery strikes cheers
  2. They go out with the infantry guys and call in guns/MLRS, there should also be a FAC with them to call in Air,

  3. "left a bit......oh, right a bit, add 50......make that 100..........nearly.........right 50.........**** it, they've moved. Out"
  4. lol, sounds about right wi the mob of cowboys in my Bty.

  5. cowboys? well the same can be said about the bunnies. i once heard a bunny brag about having 270 confirmed kills.
    Me "wtf? how many terry did you actually see?"
    him "ummmmm, none"

    at the end of every fire mission he was tallying up the bda reports from the FST's (included air and infantry) and giving it big licks
  6. Aren't wee all self important, well done for the large Bite, pat yourself on the back

  7. yes yes you totally got me, you were totally fishing there!!!!!

    no self importance here, i know the job, i know most of the op's where you work and i know they arnt cowboys!
  8. We are entitled to our opinion. I suggest that you may be right in a couple of the more senior ones however IMO the rest of them are so far up there own arse the don't realise that the regt is all encompassing and we all need each other in life. It is not healthy banter either between them. They genuinely think hate each other. Sad
  9. Oh forgot to pat you the back again for your genuine foresight 