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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Cynical-Subbie, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. New measures are being introduced to rationalise terminology in the Gunners in order to prevent confusion, particularly by those who do not understand that the Royal Regiment of Artillery (RA) has two distinct types of Regiment- Royal Horse Artillery Regiments (RHA) and Royal Artillery Regiments (RA). In future the RA will remain as the overall title, referring to the Royal Regiment, with two sub-divisions- The Royal Horse Artillery (RHA) will remain and the new title of Regiments previously designated RA will become ROA- Royal Ordinary Artillery. I understand the proposals are on the Master Gunner's desk awaiting his final approval.
  2. Who the f~ck would want to join an "Ordinary" unit?
  3. Like 29 Commando Regt Royal Ordinary Artillery

    nah this is either a WAHHHH or a dead in the water idea

    If they do anything then why not bring back RFA ? (unless of course they don't want to be confused with the Fleet Aux)

    Anyway whats so hard to understand, just rebrand the general Artillery as RRA, or, and I'm not suggesting this, simply calling it The Artllery, I mean we have The Artillery Centre now

    On second thoughts, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. As the Royal Artillery is really the Great Artillery, I don't think you can have Ordinary Artillery.
  5. Well this is obviously a wah..but it is believable because surely all AD Regiments are pretty ordinary in general??

    There obviously is no point in restoring the name Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) but perhaps we could try Royal Always on Operations Sometimes in the Infantry Role Artillery?

    Or how about 1st Royal Horse, Television and Multi-media Artillery....
  6. Somebody send a link to the Master Gunners office of this thread now!

    Ordinary??? Bloody outragous!!
  7. I heard a rumour the other day that apparently there are Gunner batteries with numbers , not letters.

    Shurely not? Is this what this move by HQ DRA is all about? C_S - enlighten us, please! :D
  8. I heard something far worse. Apparently some lettered Batteries refer to themselves by their letter! It must be because they do not have a name recognised outside the Royal Regiment of Artillery and aren't the senior Battery. Now THAT is bloody outrageous!
  9. :roll:

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  10. C_S. I've heard tell of just such a mighty Battery. It was called 'Conker Troop' or something similar. Is this the one you speak of?

    PP: :D I bet you're sick to death of exactly this sort of crap by now, eh? :D
  11. This thread has got to be the biggest load of tonk I've had the misfortune to peruse for ages.

    Ordinary... my bloody arrse.

    If you aimed this to be a wind up so you could rest of your laurels tittering at everybodys ordinary induced ranting... well ha bloody ha.

    If you're serious this is tonk. Who / what was your original official source for this ?
  12. PP - You flatty cnut - got nothing to say except post some bone picture of you "being a Lady" like the rest of the women in your tinpot outfit?

    Q. Define ROA.

    A. Pensionpointer.
  13. Ahh Cynical one,

    Has promotion gone to your head?

    Stick to reading out the headlines - you do it so well!

    Just think, when you are posted you can change your ARRSE name to Second-Tour Subbie!

    Por que no le vas a chupar la pija a un caballo, hijo de puta!

  14. Easy chaps - this isn't the Signals board after all! :D

    I'm shure that C_S will point us towards the source of these frankly outrageous and scandalous rumours!
  15. Surely a better move would be to drop the rather silly horse anachronism and just call yourselves the Royal Artillary. Mind you ordinary is a good moniker for you as you are totally, plainly, utterly and without question just plain ordinary.

    Gods of war my ARRSE!!!!