RA-MLRS need information PLEASE

I'm rejoining the army and the job role I'm going for is 'rocket system gunner' as stated on the army jobs website, which is the MLRS, Royal Artillery. Their website is out of date for that job. If anyone has information on where the job is based, and if I can actually apply for that role as a full time regular. The national recruitment centre has no idea.
No singular Regiment any more. It's now GMLRS (G for guided) and attached to 155mm Batteries at Larkhill, Tidworth and Gutersloh.

Gutersloh will be moving back to UK within the next few years.
I think the MLRS part of 29 in Gutersolh are already in UK>
I've heard from a regular that 19 reg RA is what I should be looking at also, based near Newcastle...going to search these ones you've replied with also, thanks.

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