RA looking to transfer to join as an MSO

Just wondering if anyone on here can give me some up to date info on what I would likely find on transferring from the RA to RAMC (as an MSO). The most up to date stuff I can find on here is at least a couple of years old and the MOD site is not that much help either. I have a meeting with the recruiting officer in a couple of weeks. I have been in the RA for 4 years now and I have started to make moves into looking at a transfer. What job would I be looking at? 2 I/C or other? Also is there any major pitfalls I should be aware of, with regards to either the Corps or the job? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated too.

Many thanks in advance for any helpful advice.
straight in as a 2i/c with just 4 years in the Army? or do you mean 2i/c of a troop/sqn?
Major thing that you should remember about the RAMC is that the RAMC is for doctors, everyone else is background activity.
Why do you want to be a MSO? (please dont say that its because youre interested in saving lives!)
get yourself on a fam visit to a medical regiment and speak to a few people already in.... Just make sure they havent deployed!! If you want to do it under the radar, take a leave day from your Unit and go in your own time.

If your joining because you like emergency planning, you will find that the doctors made that so last year and MSOs are now steered down the line of HealthCare Management and you will be helped to take first the Diploma and then a Masters.
And if you think it will be an easy ride, expect almost constant deployments and shit staff jobs. Competition for Lt Col level is VERY fierce with Retreads who have come in at senior major level.

Best bet is as per my first line, go and speak to your peer group in a medical regt.
Yes I did mean as 2 i/c of a sqn. I know it is far too early to be looking at 2 i/c with only 5 years in green. I might still be a little wet behind the ears in comparison to some people, but I am not that new. My reasons for wanting to be an MSO are that I am not interested in what is being lined up for me in the Artillery,FOO/FST Commander and then Adjt, and then in the future BC. The whole firing big guns thing is not doing it for me. I still want to stay in green so I had a look around at what best suits my skill set (as well as something that interests me) and came across the role of MSO. I am not concerned that the RAMC is a place full of PQOs as there is still an important job to be done by us meer mortals. I have already lined up a chat with the officer recruiting and will also line up a fam visit at the meeting. (Thanks for the advice on that one Azrael)

I know the essence of the job, after a bit of digging. I was looking for more info about the day to day and the progression, job wise not promotional (I joined pretty late so I was never going to be holding my breath for Lt Col anyway).

Does everyone get the chance of a Diploma and then an MA? Or is that just a select few?

I'm not too bothered by the prospect of s****y staff jobs, but are they just within the RAMC (HQ's and the like) or is there scope for the odd 'different' posting still?

Thanks for the reply and any further help is appreciated. I want to go to any interviews with my eyes wide open and at least some of the answers at my finger tips. I thought this forum might just give me a bit more insight, so thanks again.
Just did exactly what you want to do, transferred from RA to RAMC and really enjoying my new staff job! As previously mentioned, the MSO Cadre can provide the quals to complete healthcare management, disaster relief management or humanitarian type quals. Be aware there are only a few places per year full-time and they are booked up well in advance. There are part-time courses which are more available to 'mere mortals' but applications need to be in early.

Definitely visit, a Med Regt or Fd Hosp to familiarise yourself with the specific roles and responsibilities both in theatre and at home, you will then get an idea about which path you would like to follow and what jobs you may wish to take up. As an MSO you may be a Trg Offr, Adjt, Ops Offr or Sqn 2IC etc, the variety is great and certainly makes you a better all round staff officer.

Top tip, learn about IMSB and top level structure, the AMS is changing rapidly and you may be questioned on the new structure and formations....I was!!! Hope this helps

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