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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by staples, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. I know there have other threads about this in the past (used the search function, but none contaning what i wish to know) but . . .

    I have recently passed selection for the RA light gun role and was wondering when not on deployment or exersize, what are the day to day tasks that a gunner would normally be doing?
  2. Sweeping the Gunpark, bulling boots, sweeping the Gunpark, stagging-on, sweeping the Gunpark, waiting-on, sweeping the Gunpark, Bty runner, sweeping the Gunpark, RSM's fatigues, sweeping the Gunpark, duty driver, sweeping the Gunpark etc

    Did I mention sweeping the Gunpark?
  3. Don't be put off by all the crap jobs mentioned above.

    There will be plenty of times when you are just sweeping the Gun park!
  4. If you get bored you can pop over and pick up FOD for us
  5. Don't panic, you won't only sweep the gun park, you'll sweep the parade square as well :twisted: . Seriously though with a vehicle heavy unit like the RA there is always going to be a lots of work in maintenance care and cleaning the garages, sorry but its not all big bangs and trust me in a busy regiment its quite nice to mong it in the garages from time to time.

    OP tours will take up a large chunk of your life, don't forget that its not just the 6/7 months you are a way, there is also the OPTAG training you need prior to deployment that could take several months to complete, add leave to that and I would say a good year is used up.

    The rest of the time is governed by Regiment and Battery events, the main effort of a given year is usually the COs exercise, you will find there will be a series of Troop and Battery level exercises to prepare you for that one which could be 2-3 weeks in length, add to that live firing camps in places like Salisbury Plain and Otterburn and that's quite a bit of time on the guns. You will also have MATTS to get passed, these are military skills tests that need to be passed each year, this is often cobbled together as a competition, by throwing an assault course and a march and shoot into the mix, so there will be that (1-2 weeks in somewhere with hills) plus all the training to get you ready for the tests. Fitness is a paramount COs target, especially if using the Lt Gun you are in the para or commando role. so expect PT of some kind almost every day.

    You will probably get a course in every couple of years, this will take up some 6 weeks or so, something like advanced guns or LBdr leadership.

    If in 7 Para or 29 Cdo expect to find yourself overseas on an exercise somewhere with the Brigade, but if you go to 40 you still may find your self on a Brigade level exercise.

    Throw in a bit of adventure training and that will probably be your year
  6. Thanks for the replies ... the odds are i will be going to 40 regiment. Dont think im fit enough at this point for all arms commando or P company. Although eventually i would like to try AACC.

    After i have served for a few years, are their possibilitys to transfer between the different roles in the RA?
  7. Yes you can move from Regt to Regt even if the Regt you want to go to is a different discipline. However its gets trickier as a JNCO as there needs to be a slot and if you are a Bombardier Det Commander Guns who wants to be Rapier bod, then its harder to justify.

    If the AACC is something you are interested in then get their ASAP, if you go to 40 Regt then plan to get posted later it could take a while, 29 run an excellent beat up course to prepare you for the rigors of the Commando Course, there is no shame in trying and failing.
  8. I can't agree more with my Wellyheaded friend. You are unlikely ever to be as fit as you are when you leave basic, and once you get into the life of a Regiment, it takes a lot more effort to get yourself up to the required standard, because all Regiments are pretty busy at the moment.

    Another issue that is less obvious is that once you've settled in a Battery, you will have made good friends. If you then go somewhere like 29 or 7, it becomes easier to talk yourself into binning it and going back to your mates.

    Happened to me on pre-para....regretted it ever since.

    29 and 7 are both fantastic Regiments and you are guaranteed an interesting life with either, so why not get on with it straight away.

    Good luck
  9. once again cheers for the great advice...

    i suppose going for the AACC asap would be a good idea, with all the fitness i would of been doing at pirbright and larkhill.
  10. right ... been thinking alot more about 29 commando ... started to step me fitness and slowly making progress .

    does any one here serve , or has served in the past with 29 commando ?

    have read all the info on there website etc , but what would your person all advice be about tryin to get in? ... would you recommend 29 as a regiment to go into right at the start of our career?

  11. Best regiment in the army, if you join make sure you get fit and able to yomp and climb ropes.
  12. Was a long time ago, but I went on ops with 29 Cdo and found it to be a really good, positive minded Regiment.
    There will be crap times in any unit, but it struck me that the common bond of the Commando course made for a really good unit.

    The definition of 'Commando spirit' isn't just a sales pitch, it actually exists.
  13. Despite what some of the threads above say, 40 Regt is an extremely good, competant regiment. We actually DO get to go overseas and in the past year Btys have done Belize and Kenya as well as USA and Germany. We tend to go with our supported Battle Groups against that of the Bdes, but again in PDT that definitely happens. Light Gun is a great gun, so no matter who you choose/end up with you will be guaranteed Operations and a cracking job. Stick at it and good luck.
  14. hmm ... if i tried all arms commando first ... and failed (most likely, if im honestly) , then went to 40 regt as my second choice, would this reflect badly on me, to the guys in 40 already?

    also i no 29 is current in afghanistan... and 40 is goin in april ... when would these unitslikly to be deployed again ... roughly ?
  15. Obviously can't divulge such info on here, but you'll find out when you join. Don't worry as you WILL get on Ops before you know it. We have guys who fail the AACC with us and on the contrary, the beat up stands them in good stead as regards their discipline, fitness and admin.