RA JNCO thinking of a transfer to REME as Armourer

Discussion in 'REME' started by cdogunner, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Any thoughts or advice?

  2. You could wander down the armoury and have aword with your unit armourer.
  3. Yep done that, sounds good from what he says.
    do you get a preference on postings?
    (never been posted, you stay in the regt)
  4. You can ask for a preference on your postings, however Armourers are pretty thin on the ground at the moment. So you will probably be posted where the Corps needs you.

    Some info here http://www.army.mod.uk/reme/news/index.html

    Get yourself down to your RCMO and talk through the transfer with him....
  5. You need to speak to your RCMO and he will get the ball rolling for you application wise if that is what you want. The application details are laid down in AGAIs Vol 2 Chapter 48 and clearly states that no bar on your application and no application is to be withheld except for phase 2 soldiers. If you are accepted then there may be terms and conditions that you will need to accept.

    Good luck
  6. Do you have any instructor spec quals ie. SAA, CBRN, BCDT, MAPRIC etc?

    Have you cosidered MTI/TSS?

    As electric_citezen says, speak to your RCMO or equivelent and get as much advice/info as possible before committing yourself.
  7. Just PM'd you mate :) The ASM at 29 is a Weapons man, he'll square you away :wink:
  8. Dont even know what those ABB mean! nevermind have them!
  9. Ta for the advice chaps.
  10. Hi Mate what you also have to realise is that due to the shortage of armourers as Tiff A Mech says , you will prob end up on OPS a lot so factor that in before you decide. good luck
  11. Mate

    Just do it, you are obviously not happy where you are.
  12. Come over to the dark side, it's great being a cellar dweller.
  13. Be aware that REME LAD 8005s could well be subject to some more 're-shaping' to focus upon in-mission effect. Specifically re-balancing A&G trades to second line REME units, how'd you like them apples?
  14. Mate, just do it

    there w