RA Getting the chop ?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by LuciusHicks123, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Right, I'm wondering if anyone can help me or give me some information on this subject.

    I keep hearing, seeing and being told that the Royal Artillery and some of it's regiments are getting the 'chop'.

    I was wondering if anyone knew which regiments I should avoid because they may be getting cut ?!
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  3. Very funny, Thanks for that.
  4. .

    I though you were joining the Royal Anglians - so why the interest in the Royal Artillery ?

    Are you getting mixed up over your A's
  5. I changed my 1st choice and my 2nd choice around, So my 1st choice is now Royal Artillery and my 2nd choice is Infantry
  6. 40 Regt RA is on the way out I hear. Apparently they are struggling to find recruits that thick these days.
  7. ummm i dont think he was lying!

    god knows whos safe!
  8. Raf Regiment.........!
  9. Well, they arent going to cut Special Forces, are they.
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  10. 29 are being replaced by 14 Regt, so 148 Bty are going to teach Driving and Fire-picket duties for the next 5 yrs, so I would nt go there.

    26 Regt are going Maroon armed with LANCE, which will be launched from the latest UAV s manned in Bramcote, warhead has been changed from Nuc to HE in order to pacify the locals.

    39 will relocate to the Outer Hebrides and be armed with MG42 in a sustained fire role.

    Kings Tp RHA are posted to Sennelager to take over the officers Riding club, a very cushy number to be recommended, however Herrick 21 is on the cards, and due to SDSR, the 18 Pdrs are being deployed.

    22 AD have moved to Suffolk, to assist in Bat control, cushy, but 24/7.

    40 Fd HQ is disbanded. The Gun Btys will be amalgamated with better regiments, which will finally solve the problem of "40 Regt ready" whilst strolling back from Wolfgangs Schnelly.

    Hope this helps you decide your path of life.
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  11. i heard that the MoD will be reducing the AS90 fleet by 35%
  12. Schaden

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    They do appear to have some sort of bizarre charmed existence for some odd reason...
  13. I don't recall the AS90 being part of the RN!
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  14. 40 to go, but not as simple as that.

    AS90 fleet to reduce, but you wont see the difference as there are a stack in storage. Plus you're about to lose a Regiment and convert one battery from each Close Support Regiment to Light Gun.

    That will take care of AS90 reductions.

    But to the OP, I owuldn't worry, they wont send you to a Regiment that doesn't exist, whether you put it on your preference list or not.
  15. Poor 40 a had 5 happyish years in 129bty
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