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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Something that has been bugging me and would like to know the correct answer

    When bringing the Battery to position of attention, when is it and who should use the full Battery title ?

    Over the years I have heard all sorts of strangisms and would mind knocking the facts

    If you are confused with what I am asking I'll paint a little scenario

    Lets say the battery is paraded for the BC, first off the nominal roll is taken by BONCO or a SNCO who then hands to BSM who hands to BK who will eventually hand over to the BC

    There are 3 choices in what to say to bring the Bty up, either

    a. Battery, Battery-shun
    b. Battery, 654 Battery Royal Artillery, Battery-shun
    c. Battery, 654 (Umberto Gorge 1756) Battery Royal Artillery, Battery-shun

    So the question is

    1. Which of those (if any) are correct ?
    2. Who can say which one and when ?

    I seem to remember that the full blown title was a BC or even BK thing, or is it a personal preference thing ?
  2. Thanks for posing the question Wellyhead, I am equally confused by these points, I do know that the Battleaxe Battery use the term Company in place of Battery. Which you have to admit confuses things even more!
  3. If I remember rightly it is

    74 Battery, the Battle Axe Company, Company-shun
  4. As a Bsm, I would use choice A.

    The BK and BC would then use choice C.
  5. Were it to be a unit parade - no senior mgt, visitor or public, then A would be fine.

    C might be tearing the arrse out of it, but if it's your name ....

    I would query with B and C whether the final Battery is necessary as the Battery title is the cautionary. Only shun is the executive.
  6. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP


    Then option C.

    I don't recall the BK getting too involved in those sort of things.

    Couldn't say too much on the etiquette of who gets how much of a title though.
  7. Was the form taught at YOs course in 1979 and the one used by each of the batteries in which I served - 129/40 Fd L & N/2 Fd.

    Whether the GPO (Battery Adjutant) or BK (2IC) took over the battery for the BSM seemed to vary with the enthusiasm of the BKs for drill.
  8. thank fukc for light drill:

    Stand Ready - all brace up

    2nd 'talion! (or whatever the formation/sub unit is) - all stand at attention

    Easy when you know how! :wink:
  9. IMHO option C should be used the first time, thereafter option A?

    Option B is not the correct title of a bty, if you have used RA.

    Perhaps there is an option D of "Battery, 654 Battery, Battery-shun"?

    I would disagree with Shledrake though, the BSM should hand over to the BK who gets the Bty's officers on parade, the BK then should hand over to the BC.
  10. Erm.. what's a BK?
  11. Just a sec whilst I switch on my anti-wahhh shield

    BK is the Battery Captain, yes I know its a a K and Captain is a C byt the BC is the Battery Commander, I was told it was for Battery Kapitan (sp)

    The BK is the 2ic of the Battery, quite often an ex-RSM LE Officer and roles include being the Battery Equipment Manager
  12. we just sed ,OK all u lot just sort of stand up strate,keep them spears steady.....mmmmmm...drugs...thankyou nurse...aaahh
  13. Also, you don't have to be a duplicitous, two-faced, penny-pinching bar-steward, but it helps.


    *Still smarting over a 'Troop Subs' disagreement I had in 1995. Not that I'm bitter or anything.....*

  14. Battery Towwwwwwwww

    my personal favourite!!