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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by over_and_out, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have any info on RA dress regs for WO2/WO1 in particular around sword belts and accroutements?
    The internet doesn't seem to have a copy of JSP 336 Vol12 anymore and this has been superseded by JSP 886 which refers to the Service Dress and Clothing Committee for the dress regs which I also can't find!

    I'm an ACF instructor (SMI) that doesn't want to offend anyone by making sure I'm in the correct dress on those occasions where I am in No.2's.

    Many thanks
  2. By Sword Belt I presume you mean Sam Browne? Only applicable to RA WO1s
  3. What about RA Dress Regs from the RA intranet site?


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  4. As far as I was aware, no RA personnel wore Sam Brownes???
  5. I don't have access to the RA intranet site hence my post on here.
  6. Ok, haven't got regs in front off me and I'm doing this by memory so might be wrong

    WO2 wears ORs no2 dress or FAD, no 1dress forage Cap, brown shoes, brown gloves, no belt, no lanyard, officers shirt and tie, cane if appointment demands

    WO1 wears SD or FAD, officers cap, Sam Browne belt, sword, no lanyard, brown shoes, brown gloves, officers shirt and tie, pace stick if appointment demands.

    Yes that'd right, sword AND stick

    And yes WO1 wears a Sam Browne

    As stated, that's what I think, someone please confirm
  7. I can confirm that WH.... although is there not a move to make everyone wear FAD shirts (silk tie will stay though)?
  8. Which is why you posted the question in the first place I'm assuming.

    Why post a question on a subject that you readily admit you know nothing about... then question the answer....... T_T !!
  9. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Non Ceremonial -
    Forage cap
    No2 dress jacket
    No2 dress trousers
    No2 dress shirt or RA Officers’ pattern shirt
    Khaki tie or Knitted tie
    Boots combat high./Drill boots if qualified
    Brown shoes
    Pace stick (RSMs’). Cane (MGs’).
    Pace stick (Drill instructors only when

    ceremonial -
    As for No. 2 dress (non-ceremonial) with
    the following embellishments:
    White plastic belt/Black belt JNCO drill
    instructor or Sam Browne belt with frog (WO1s)
    Sword, leather scabbard and leather
    sword knot (RASM and RSMs).
    Brown leather gloves

    This is pre-FAD though...
  10. Correct...FAD shirts (officers long sleeve only) and silk tie has just been approved for officers...presume WO1s are the same.


  11. The reason for the initial question was because I had been informed (rightly or wrongly) that no WO in the RA wore Sam Brownes, it was only sword belts. I think I would rather be a T_T that is correctly dressed than someone who offends by being incorrectly dressed.

    Apart from that I thank you all for your replies.