RA Dress Regs

Is it just me or have the RA dress regulations undergone a serious reversal in time.

Within certain units and The Arty Centre we see officers and SNCOs wearing blue jumpers, side caps, barrack dress, no 2 shirt and ties during the working week.

Has there been a email/signal which has allowed this to creep up upon us or have we really reverted back to the early 60s/70s/80s/90s before our uniforms were standardised.

I personally have found it shocking.
Vive la difference!


f cuking (Mod Insert) the lot of them. the ones imposing these stupid dress regulations. what happened to tuening up and being able to do the days work instead of having to turn up dressed ready for HM's walkabout?! (Mod Insert), these seniors. kill them all, i say!

drunken rant over (oh how i love stella and brandy and coke, lots of). :evil:

any of said senoir NCO's/ruperts who make these stupid dress regs can pm me if they take offence at this... bunch of (Mod Insert) that they all are. :twisted:
Why PM when we can tell the world that you are an arrse?

An officer should dress in a way that sets him apart from his subordinates; for the sake of individuality, no two officers should ever dress the same.

Do you know nothing?

WHY "The Artillery Centre"? It makes us, as a fine Royal Regiment, look cnuts. Will the board read:

Regimental Headquarters Royal Artillery
The Artillery Centre
14 Regiment Royal Artillery

in time to come?

Mag to Grid - Seperate thread inbound.


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Bravo C_S...

I'm all for side hats and officers' canes myself. The pseudo-socialist uniformity of CS95 fills me with horror.
Obviously this is the twee attitude that has caused the many units and the RSA to look like a fashion parade instead of a military establishment. I lay the blame squarely upon the attitude of some of our officers who seem to assume we are still in the past.
GQ, Without the past we are nothing. Sure look to the future, but it is the past that makes us what we are today. Identity is to be applauded. My Regt has a minging Stable Belt, but I am proud to wear it. If we all become C95 clones then what is left!

One piece of uniform ie the stable belt has been an accepted alteration to the standard dress of the RA (even to the point where not one sub unit wears the same stable belt). However wearing a completely different uniform as it seems to be fashionable in the mess is taking the pss. It looks like a bag of ARRSE.
"When I was a subaltern (swings lantern, pulls up sandbag) if any officer turned up on parade identically dressed to any other, the junior one had to go and change something...but we were happier then, you tell the young officers of today that and they don't want to listen..it was all fields around here when I was a YO"

"..Erm..excuse me Colonel, it still is..."

"Here didn't I know your mother?"

"I don't think so sir, she wasn't a nurse or a Norlander..."

But seriously, if you don't have regimental blue garnseys, what will retired officers wear to garden in?
Ah Cuddles,

I got my sandbag, pulled it up and watched the lantern telly. And then I woke up.

Norland nanny thing - little sensitive for the RA/RHA. Apparently, they no longer inhabit the YOs room on a Friday/Thursday nights as they have moved and also they got bored with being run through by everyone on the course. Nice! I got one back to the room and she bottled it. Don't know if it was because she was second daughter of a very rich family (bit dim), I was drunk and she got scared or because my girlfriend had turned up unannounced and was waiting in my room. Oh well.


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G_Q - shame on you.

Given that we have both been a member of a sub-unit where the tallest chap gets to grow a full set of whiskers....
I'm guessing 74 Battery (The Battleaxe Company) RA

And the Battleaxe man....
Dress how you want. Cannot believe someone actually gives a toss about this!

If an officer is good at his job, noone will give a monkies what he is wearing.

The yanks are identicle in dress, haircuts and everything they do. That alone is a good enough reason for the RA to wear whatever they want!

You think there is some radical military fashion going in at Larkhill? Go to an infantry or Cav battalion/regt some time.
If stable belts are part of our uniform then why oh why do we have to buy them??? Dont get me wrong, Im all for them, but sticking my hand in my pocket for one is not on.
Well don't buy one/refuse to wear it.... see how far it gets you. 8O

I bet you have one really.

OK them, don't wear any none issue stuff for work. Therefore, don't wear RA/RHA rank slides etc.

Am sure if you got a receipt for it, you could get a tax allowance/rebate back at the end of the tax year. Along with all stuff you have to buy. Am not a financial expert, but think that is what you do. Any financial gurus out there, please advise.

Here's one for you:

When last at RD Offr RA Beret Badges had changed to green grass under the Gun Wheel. Now it appears we have gone back to no grass. Is this at the whim of the Pakistani sweat shop or have the RA Dress Committee got something against the green stuff - are we going Brazilian?

Please don't think that this matter keeps me awake at night but it could provide useful ammunition for a bit of banter.

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