RA Communicators Course

Hey all.

Just transferred into an Artillery Battery (TA) and am being sent on an RA communicators course. I've been told its a pretty basic week of 'Hello you this is me' which shouldn't be too challenging but has anyone here been on the course recently?
What is it like?

Is there much phys? (I'm off to P-coy in December and while a week without phys wouldn't be the end of the world, it would be nice to keep up a good schedule.)

Are we going to get any green time in? Or is it going to be a barrack-bound bone course?

Thanks in advance.
Its pure signals but much more than voice procedure (masts, line, codes, generators etc )

Its a basic requirement for all gunners. The regular RA do a similar course except they do bowman, whereas the TA version is still clansman. Strangley though in the regs you have part one and part two, everyone does part one in basic training, part two however is for ACS/CP bound people. However the TA version is the part one and two squashed together in a10 day package that everyone does for phase two training.

So expect long days and lots to remember.

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