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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Flyingrockdj, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Hello all you splendid Royal regiment types!

    No 1 son has rather surprised me and the memsahib by indicating an urgent desire to join the Royal artillery, From a background myself of Household div and AAC I find it non plussing, however the fella seems quite keen.
    He wants to join in the ranks, and would like to be:

    UAV OP
    AS90 Gunner
    Command System op

    I have little idea wether any of these jobs is of any particular merit and he asked me for advice, so If your son was joining the RRA and indicated a preference for these, or indeed any Gunner jobs, what would you advice as the smart choice for lasting happiness.

    Serious question peeps!
  2. From a monetary point of view UAV can be quite lucrative and promotion seems good. The UAV world is going through some interesting changes at present so it is a good time to be getting involved. I have been AS90 and am currently command systems and have enjoyed both tremendously although it has always riled me that if I left the Army tomorrow i would have no civilian qualifications to fall back on other than some strange NVQ's! Best of luck to him whatever path he chooses to follow.
  3. Alot can depend on the dreaded "GTI" score, obtained by sitting the BARB test at the careers office.

    A high score means that there is more aptitde for learning and he would be encouraged to go more tech route - UAV, Command Systems (sigs and computers), whereas a lower score would nudge him towards the Guns.

    All trades are incremental - there is a structure within, you move through the ranks. UAV may offer a bit more of a chance to work with the latest kit and definitely mean more deployments, AS90 offer the chance to fire BIG GUNS and command systems will mean sitting in a box with a headset on working out problems and sending down the net.

    All the above are simplistic answers - his best bet is to go to the careers office and ask for more info and try not to get pushed towards the most available trade. More will become clear after he sits the test and gets a list of suitable trades.
  4. what exactly do the results of the barb test affect?
  5. The Barb test gives you your GTI (General Trainability Index), which in theory shows which jobs you will be best suited to. The higher the score, the more technical and/or difficult the job.

    To put it simply, and with no disrespect to any trade - low GTI, easy job (think Infantry or Artillery on the guns), slightly higher, more difficult job (maybe Cavalry, Comms in the RA, Engineers), high GTI, more technical stuff (R SIGNALS, Int Corps, REME, AAC). Just as an example/
  6. Don't forget STA either, RADARs and Sound ranging both in demand at the moment.
  7. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I beg to differ. Some R Sigs trades and not as complex as you might think. ED for one.
  8. Iwas only giving some examples off the top of my head! Of course, when the person takes the test, they get a list of potential jobs and not necesarily the one they want (but if that job requires a lower GTI than you got, you should still be able to go to it).
  9. Don't forget the higher GTI scored tech roles require TST, but Gunners don't do that IIRC
  10. Thanks, I got quite high apparently. Just wondered what it actually meant.
  11. Very interested in going for UAV op, i know a lot of the RA roles require a lot of upper body strength but does UAV op require the same? Or is it different requirements for different jobs?