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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by HVM_Boy, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. can anyone help, I'm looking for a monochrome RA Cap badge image in as high a resolution as possible.

    I've tried here:


    but it is still not of high enough quality for printing on a large banner.

    I would like this:


    But at a resolution of around 400 dots per inch if possible.

  2. Intresting, I take it you are a Donkey Whalloper with that comment ?!?

    In which case what kind of moron calls his own Capbadge shite ?
  3. What a foolish and ignorant troll you are. Obviously you are still bitter at being given a mexican bum wnak when you last visited a RA mess.

    Now do us all a favour and put your head near the breech next time your No1 is firing on charge 8.


    PS This is not the Naafi, but a thread where a fellow member of the Royal Regiment was looking for help. Your actions just show you up for a cnut and an embarrasment to the RHA.
  4. Back on subject after the cock attack.

    Isn't there a Reprographics office at the RSA/Arty Center thingy ? When I was based in Larkhill they did allsorts for us
  5. i'm with sniffle-snaffle far too many flatty losers, why would anyone want to wear that great big toblerone. it repreresent fu*king air defenders for gods sake and no self respecting artillery man would want that...
  6. ooohhh Handbags......

    Chargetemp remember i know you and so do many out there in the world of Arrse.

    Remember in training when you went crying to the DS because your dad was in 50 Missile and you wanted to join but couldnt because you had flat feet.


    Dont worry we all need FEEDING!!!

    I rest my case.
  7. yeah nice one mate. i think you may find that i have been promoted an now i am actually 2ic of the mobile bath and laundry unit, located in the thriving metropolis of Bicester, next year i will be deploying on much needed operations to Cyprus if i can finally get the Physciatric doctor to upgrade my Post Traumatic stress syndrome caused by my first ever deployment to Bosnia 2004

  8. No probs with that, I mean if you want to wear a girly broche to show your feminine side and enjoy stroking horses, well thats up to you, after all horses equals girls

    Heres something to wet the appetite

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. im with dread on this perhaps there shou;d be a kiddy part of arrse where these people could go and play