RA Buy A Beer Campaign - an update!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FluffyPurkiss, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. As a Royal Anglian Mum I have a vested interest and so I wrote to the brewery to find out how many beers have so far been sold, and how much money had been raised for the Memorial Fund. This is what I got:

    "We have sold about 500 bottles so far, so almost enough to ensure each member of the battalion including rear party get a beer, and £250 for the memorial fund. We are posting some of the messages of support on our web site and the Bn are putting some on part one orders. There are some really nice messages which show how much people all over the world appreciate the Vikings. Also loads from RAF guys. On Thursday Look East are coming to film a news article about the campaign and memorial fund so we are anticipating a few orders that night. For your information it was when I was reading all of the posted comments on Teddy's page (Daily Telegraph) that I noticed comments about buying him a beer.
    The rest is history. Be proud and I look forward to getting them all home soon.
    Many thanks and warmest regards

    Now, thanks to everyone who has participated so far, especially all those RAF guys! Anyone else who might be interested, here is the link:


  2. Thanks for finding out Fluffy!!
  3. I hope that's "R Anglian", not "RA". I've never willingly bought a Gunner a drink.
  4. Lets keep this up near the top

  6. Sh*t. I heard this on the BBC and bought a pint for an Anglican!
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh NO! I swore I'd never buy a pint for an Anglican! What have you made me do? You've made me buy TWO pints for them, when all I wanted to do was help the Anglians (that's not the window people, please tell me it's not the window people!)
  9. Church who mentioned the church,I had to have conselling for 5 years after I left our church choir as a kid,because I was the only not touched up by the dirty vicar,I thought there was something wrong with me
  10. You've been wah'd! :D
  11. I can't believe that I have bought beer for an Infantry Regiment, but buy it I did. Pity Kipling is no longer with us, he could have updated "The Men That Fought At Minden" to include their current exploits.
  12. And you never questioned where your regimental subs went :twisted:

    edited for mong spelling :roll:
  13. Bump!

  14. Mind you I emailed the BBC in the guise of Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells when they wrote on article on the web mentioning the "Royal Anglican Regiment"...
  15. But you had to bite your tongue when Hm Queen Mother named railway locomotive "Royal Anglican Regiment".

    Bliar did it regularly, but I note that Broon has got that right, if little else.