RA 1.5 Mile Times?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Lougars_01, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi new to the forum lads, Im just about to rejoin at 26,just trying to find out the current 1.5 mile times for the RA?? I know the Infantry is 10.30 but i only left that lot last year. If ya know lads give us a heads up.
  2. PFT times is a subject I get a bit miffed about.

    Providing you are under 30 the requirement is 10:30 or under.

    I am 34 and run a comfortable 9:30 / 9:40

    However I can't shoot for shit and failed 3 APWT's on my PDT.

    This was treated as acceptable and to my dismay my results were a source of great banter.

    As a squaddie deploying to Iraq where I am always on the ground it startles me that although I can pass a PFT but struggle to hit a barn door at 100 paces I'll be ok.

    Why is so much emphasis placed on the PFT?

    I had to take guys off my task who were shit hot shots because they were 1 second over their PFT times.
  3. Anybody can be taught to shoot so it's sad that no-one seems to be takng the time to help you.

    I'll bet they are 'helping' the guys to pass their PFT.