R4 Sat. Afternoon Play

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Alec_Lomas, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. This coming Saturday, the Saturday play on Radio4 has a military theme.

    The personality who has the business name of 'Andy McNab' features in this hour long 'soldiers' views' on war.

    Starts at 14.30hrs ( UK local time)
  2. I didn't listen but it got a review in The Telegraph today - they were not impresssed
  3. I haven't seen this review as yet. Jimmy Mc Govern or Harold Pinter it wasn't. Written by Andy Mc Nab.. cough...cough... it dealt with a patrol of The Rifles in two contacts within an Afgan backdrop.

    One contact sets out the characters with the second rounding off the play. A big 'messagey' for my taste with a join-the-dot PTSD brief, which the principal character receives from a medic (TA lass on attachment). It turns out that this character's dad suffered with it following the incident at Bluff Cove on Op Corporate.

    It was generally ok from my viewpoint, I didn't rush to change the dial. Entertaining to a point, emotional in places. If Andy McNab did write it as opposed to technically screening it, then bloody well done. I couldn't write an hour long radio play.