R4 Afternoon play about a gay teenage alien's love affair.


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I'm a radio 4 listener. Some programs I enjoy, some I don't and I don't mind as you can't expect to like everything but the afternoon plays are generally rubbish. Usually an excuse for toi give jobs to otherwise unemployable student playwrites and b actors with dodgy regional accents.

I haven't heard today's play and maybe I missing a treat but really a play about a gay teenagers relationship with a gay teenage alien FFS! The Imaginary Boys

[h=1]Imaginary Boys[/h] Duration: 45 minutesFirst broadcast:Thursday 03 October 2013
By Paul Magrs.
A fantastical tale of teenage love and close encounters.
17 year-old David Taylor begins to see the world in a different light when he meets Lawrence. Lawrence is new in town, new to earth actually - he claims to be from Verbatim 6, a small planet about three hundred light years away. A strange but very real story of a burgeoning teenage relationship, with all the fear and confusion that goes with it.
Paul Magrs is a scriptwriter and novelist, whose writing has been described by The Guardian as 'gloriously, zanily ludicrous... unique, idiosyncratic and unclassifiable...' His hugely-popular series of Brenda and Effie novels were adapted for BBC7 in 2008 as a three-part mini-series (Never the Bride), whilst previous commissions for Radio 4 include Life After Mars, Sunseeker and The Longsight Branch.
Directed by Scott Handcock
A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

David James Baxter
Lawrence Geoffrey Breton
Mam Jill Halfpenny
Dad Daniel Brocklebank
Simon Daniel Brocklebank
Robert Liam Dascombe
Director Scott Handcock
Writer Paul Magrs

Note the 'folksy spelling of 'mam'.
**** probing references I presume?
I heard it. I can never un-hear it. R4 keeps me reasonably sane but sometimes I just feel so used...........

Did I get my ARSE/Mumsnet logins confused again?
Anger at a play you haven't heard. Damn those tricky Gays forcing their big throbbing agenda down your throat.

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Beeb using licence-payers' money to keep arts people voting Labour.
Yes, Teenage Gay Aliens 4 Milliband. Obviously.

I bet that alien was claiming benefits with a flying saucer on motability!
Green as the ace of spa.... Oh!

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