r we going on to the higher pay band?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by trog, Oct 6, 2002.

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  1. after a lot of rumour and speculation, i´m at doubt to whether we are going on the higher pay band no i don´t mean with that just the drivers but stac bat aswell, due to the fact the maritime lot apparently get higher band due to them op0erating heavy lift kit and stuff, but surely the tank transporters, drivers and stacbat should be entitled to this aswell due to our own jobs responsibilities. i´ve enquired and nobody can give me an answer to this apart from there is some sort of review going on. somebody give me an answer or comment to this, 8) 8) 8) 8)
  2. JSJET (Joint Services Job Evaluation Team) are currently reviewing the RLC trades.  Corps trades have been grouped for the purpose of the review e.g. Railway, PetOp and Air Despatch.  If your trade is under review, you should be well aware of it, if not, talk to your chain of command, they SHOULD be well aware of any review.  For your info, the JSJET 'judges' are conducting a visit to Bicester on 16 Oct 02 to look at all the relevant trades, DRLC is leading on this.  
  3. Any news on this yet? ???

    Pah!...bet they don't even know my trade exists. :mad:
  4. Yeh, bags of news.  Wot trade are you? If you put some work in, maybe you'll get some benefit.  Believe me, many units really don't give a shi*, JSJET have picked up on this, and don't think you are a super hero and someone else will be fighting your cause, YOU need to be fighting your cause. 8)
  5. How do I get in touch with JSJET? :)

    Our officers won't fight our cause........because we don't have any! :mad:
  6. At a rough guess using my imense powers of deduction(!), are you MTI? If so, your trade was represented at the recent visit by the judges.  

    You're best bet would be to badger HQ RLC, the exact department i know not, but i could try and find out for you if you're interested.
  7. Eagle

    Ack, reply on your private!!
  8. Just to quash the 'apparent fact' that 'Stevies' down at Port and Maritime recieve high band pay' I can tell you now that we do not!!  We used to recieve B2 Pay as a LCpl Port Op class 2.  On passing the Port Op class 1 course (had to be substansive Cpl) we recieved A trade pay.  It's same old story of nobody bothered to fight our cause when Pay 2000 came into effect and we were classed as drivers; no offence intended trog. ::)
  9. No one was fighting our cause as Rad ops either and its not because there is no one to do it its because the people that can are happy with the pay they get and couldnt givew a toss about the rest of us!!!!!!!! :x
  10. Dvr Rad Ops - Now on higher Pay Range as a LCpl, Cpl !!. Must be your ability to walk and talk at the same time without falling over !! :lol:

    Good to see that the 1 Railway Operator WO1 is on the higher Pay Band too !! :wink:
  11. yeh but at least we walk upright unlike you, 8O look we've found the missing link!!!!!!![/quote]
  12. Stac Bat...........Tescos.
    Pet Op.............ESSO forecourt.
    Movers.............Thomas Cook.
    Rad Ops...........Try the Royal Signals, or did you fail that selection?
    Drivers.............ABC minicabs or Eddie Stobart.

    If you don`t like it, vote with your feet, I`m sure with the exception of Eddie Stobart they all pay less and you`ll have to do some work.

    Alternatively you could always retrade to Ammo Tech? :roll:
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Whinge, whinge, bloody whinge. I should be on high payband because I can drive, I should be paid loads because I'm a rad op, whine, fart, cry, even I should be paid loads because I work with someone who is on higher pay band snivvel.

    Why don't you go strike? The benefits everyone gets from being in the Army don't compare to civvie street. Look at your pay statement, add up everything that is taken away from you before the bank payment (less tax) then add it to your money at bank figure. It will be quite a good amount even if on low band. Pension scheme is good aswell. Try living in your own place either paying rent or mortgage, paying for and cooking your meals, paying for your water and electric. Your furniture, your own repairs. Don't forget you can't just whine to the QM or DHE to get things sorted either.

    ................but we have to go away on tour and I can't live near my girlfriend/boyfriend....................GET OVER IT! You joined the Army for f**cks sake what did you expect?

    All I can say is CHANGE JOBS, GET OUT or SHUT UP.
  14. ok
    someone in civi street with a similar job would be on the same pay! yes i agree but when bowman comes in and im expected to be a systems manager, then the cryteria changes!
    im expected to do a job that pays far more in civi street and whats more im expected to train myself.

    and no matter what you say we as radops have to take on far more responsibility.

    we dont just go to a locationand sleep we work nearly 24/7
    if we get something wrong you could be dead,if you get something wrong someone may have to wait another day for theire stores
  15. and my next question is????
    how many tours have you done?????
    when you get to over 10 contact me and i may be sympathetic otherwise, get back in your box!!