R U a sexpert?

I Am Shite 58%
Congratulations nicola, you've won the 'plain knickers' award with a score of 51%

Plain knickers is a good way of puttin it
I smell a rat. I lied through my teeth to get 'good sensible boy' status and only ended up with 63%.

Right, who can get the lowest score....? :twisted:
Everyday Pants 66%
Should have worn my lucky Pulling Shreddies !
spike7451 said:
the_guru said:
girlywhirly said:
i am 100% :D
I bet you bang like a shithouse door when the plagues in town...
Guru,you smooth talking sun of a gun! You'd get into pentwyn's rubber knickers if you keep that patter going.... :twisted:

I got 80%!!! :D
I'd rather take a Cheese Grater to my bellend thanks very much.