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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Parry, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering how long it takes to get fully trained up for the following and the process; Operator and Driver/Lineman.

    Is just a case of one course, if so how long? Or a series of Gap weekends? Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. Ask your unit.

    Some units take longer than others, depending on role and what specific Operator you will be. Also, obviously, instructor and equipment availability play an important role.
  3. Once you've done your gap training it'll take one short camp (9 days) to be trade qualified (class 3) - you should get class 2 the next year if you complete your workbook. Forget Driver/Lineman unless you want to run the stores, operator gets you noticed quicker and promoted quicker.
  4. Do they still do Driver/lineys as a TA trade? I think our Regiment just does Electrician/Drivers.
    Relay is the only way to go unless you enjoy having your hoop stretched in which case Switch will suit you better...
  5. Yep and relay ops will get to play with all the modern IS kit thats rumoured to be coming in. Well they will ... if they retrade to switch bitch, RS Op (P/NC) or tech.
  6. RR is good for now, but will be deaded in a few years when this new fangled digitalmalizasion comes along.

    Pester your boss for IS eng/op training, you won't get it yet but it's worth making a noise about.

    Long live RR. Says he who will prob be a radop first.
  7. Or go Switch Bitch and complain that you aren't being taught it (its in the RSTOs - see AS Op (Access)(V) class 3)