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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Joker, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I apologise for coming onto your forum but I feel that this may be the best place for me to ask the question.

    Reading recent direction from Dinf and having had a chat with a couple YoS and R Sigs type chaps, I am expecting to receive into my platoon approximately 8 - 10 R Sigs Cap badged soldiers to assist in the BCIP5 uplift.

    The information that I received from the YoS was along the lines of a good pick up in volunteers for this posting which is great news, better a volunteer than a pressed man or woman. And that really is the crux of my question: Have any women volunteered for this or has it been restricted to only male applicants?

    It makes no odds to me as long as they come with skills to pay the bills, but has this been considered at any stage that although the infantry serve alongside women within the LAD or as Clerks, Medics, Chefs and so on (and let us not start that thread again, it is still raging on another forum), the R Sigs females will serve in an infantry cap badged platoon alongside infantry soldiers. Also does anyone know whether the information on volunteers is duff or actual fact.

    Your thoughts and knowledge would be most appreciated.
  2. Obviously thier are limitations with regard to Female service with Infantry Units, wether this is right or wrong is irrelevant.

    From my experience, you would be extremely fortunate should you have some of the female members of the Corps filling one of these appointments. In the main they are well motivated, fit, and always seem to put in that little bit extra. They tend to be equally or more knowledgable than thier male counterparts.

    You will have the 'flies round shit' syndrome but if the appointments to be filled are voluntary, I would imagine the professionalism of the female volunteers would rub off on the infanteers.
  3. With everything there will be limitations, RSigs personnel attached to Infantry Rear Link Detachments, will be restricted to how far forward they can deploy. Females will more than likely be restricted to only going into the ops rooms. With the blokes being up there at the front with the infantryman, as already seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, We are filling out Rear Link Dets, to free up Infantry soldiers from the Sigs platoons, to make up the numbers in Rifle platoons. So zip it up for now, unless you get to work in the ops room too
  4. All good points, some rather defensive though! As said it makes no odds to me what sex they are just as long as they bring something to the party in the skills department! My interest is whether they will be in the Comms Platoons and the then new ground for the infantry that this is. Will it be viewed as a test case for women in the infantry?

    To be honest if they can help us through the expected nightmare that is BCIP5 uplift, they can be a one legged, blind hermaphrodite for all I care!
  5. Is this the embedded signaller idea ? Siggys attached to inf regiments to do all the hard bowman stuff ? I was under the impression that they would be ranks from siggy up to snco
  6. Yes that is right the ones embedded in the comms platoon with a mix up to SNCO
  7. Feel very sorry for you :(
  8. Surely this is something you would be able to address by speaking directly to the unit they are coming from.

    You say 'your platoon' so you are a SNCO or ociffer type, make contact using the Mk1 telephone in good old fashioned style.

    Without looking back through your posting history I dont know what your Arrse history is but, I do find it 'coincidental' that you are basically asking about the positioning of female soldiers in a teeth arms environment.

    I find this even less of a coincidence when this particular subject is in the papers on a daily basis at the moment.

    Further subtracting from your credibility (in my eyes) is the over use of the term BCIP and the fact this could have been sorted ouot in exactly 8.2 minutes over a phone. Having spent a wee while knocling around this job, I can also say I have never heard an Inf Bn Sigs Pl referred to as 'Comms Platoon'.

    Dont know you fella, dont have the time to research but this all smacks a little bit of baiting! I smell a journo!
  9. Fascinating take on this, I must say. Well you see the problem is we do not know which unit they are coming from, so I could ring Blandford and ask whether they have made a policy decision on it yet, but suspect that the phone may cut out at that point.

    Further to the point on terminology, although on the 8005 the platoon is referred to as Signals Platoon, you may note that the training wing at Warminster is called the CIS wing. This is now transferred to Comms Platoon as in a shorterened version, as you may be aware RRU cadres are now referred to as Combat Communicators Cadres however I hasten to add the first course at Warminster is referred to as Regimental Signallers. Also, how would you refer to BCIP 5 uplift by not using the term BCIP? The uplift of the system that we had put in place a few years back?

    The questions remains, have there been any female volunteers for the posts, has this been set as policy, is there a restriction on this? My point being that although we work along side women within the battalions, we as the infantry have not had women actually in the platoon and the resulting issues of accommodation, G1 and so on.

    And true, the question did crop up while reading the thread on Women in the Infantry, so I do a bit of reading every now and again but I don't think that qualifies me as a journo.
  10. I make it simple for you mucker, do not have scaley backs working with you on this. Better off with the teams that have RA & RAC amongst them. Have proven to be a major asset, very flexible totally understand the grunt way of life, need I go on.
  11. RLDs used to be manned by RSigs, and they seemed to work.

    I u sed to be RLD, and I also worked (later on) in a team who supported Inf, RAC, RA and RE Signals bods. It was brilliant for me, being invited to see how things were done in those capbadges, and I can´t say that being RSignals capbadged damaged our capabilities or hindered our respective foster capbadges.

    Inf (I believe) currently employ fems in the AGC et, and in the REME, Chefs and probably in the RLC spots for G$ etc.

    Why will they be excluded from spots in the Sigs Plt?

    They are Sigs Plt (inf or Sigs) they are not there to close with the enemy and smash them up. Although admittedly there will be members (of both cap badges) who no doubt could do this. There job is to provide good comms and thus situation awareness for the commanders on the ground.

    If it is RSignals that are being put forward for this task, it is highly likely that they are bring something to the party. Probably quite technical. This may be something that is harder to grow in RAC or RA capbadges, and maybe those capbadges don´t want to lose such tradesmen.
  12. There's no point in going on, since Directory Infantry and the Signals Officer in Chief (Army) have already squared it all away. Unless you're General Dannett, I doubt whether they're going to take your advice to be honest. "CIS" Platoons (or whatever they're called) will have R SIGNALS soldiers embedded at some point very very soon.

    Oi ... let's not get carried away with "rubbing off ... it's a filthy practice and probably against the rules"! :twisted:
  13. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Unless you are a PARA Major on decompression. (Well reported by the scum anyway)
  14. Excuse my ignorance but were rear link detachments also manned by women and did they become part of the in place Signals Platoons? I totally agree and confirm that women serve alongside the infantry in the roles mentioned above, but these tend to be attached arms which are more advanced in their handling of the issues I mentioned above. My thoughts are that with the direction made clear by PoisonDwarf, the women will now become part of a platoon that has been single sex up until now. This has proved successful in other corps but I wonder how it will be managed within the infantry, and seeing as I am one of those that will be managing this, I guess I would be looking for advice and thoughts from those that already do it in the Corps.
  15. Joker, as TA I worked with mix-sexed Sigs Plns - it caused no real problems. Officially girls were meant to be in the ech dets but we had no problems employing them in the CV1 dets.