R SIGS SCLM in march

you don't see them running round pretending to be section commanders
Yeah it has been done to death over the years, Sigs don't operate in sections it's dets. Subjects such as defence of comms site was a theoretical lecture but arguably this was a core 'infantry' subject, treat it as a patrol harbour and subjects just fall into place.
I dont see the relevance to this thread which is about a 2 week course in Blandford, if you want your "certain person" to get the recognition that they and their mates richly deserve then it would be better off in its own thread surely ?
It's once round the slimmest person to turn up on the course. It's further & more brutal than the last march on SF Selection.
heard a rumour that the CFT route has been changed, can this be confirmed
Not by much. Route out now includes Potters hill going back down Chalk hill. Route back goes down past 4 Sqn to portakabins. No going through Orchard at all.
Have you got the dates for the October one? Or the next one which I think is March. PM me if you do please as I'm trying to get the next JCLM as soon as I can.
Cheers. Will talk to my PSAO soon.

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