R SIGS SCLM in march

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnjohn, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Any arrsers got their name down?

    Any recent success stories? Complete failures?

    The cinema still pump?
  2. Pass your CFT, train in mountainous or hilly areas - it's not a flat one
  3. If that's all I need to worry about then it'll be a breeze!

    I'll hide the crossed swords though

    For the other bloke who replied then deleted his thread, it's the senior command and leadership management course, a rehash of the old staffies
  4. I've heard it's all paperwork now with no phys....

    (pulls up a sandbag...)

    When I was young, it was weeks of digging, 25 hrs a day and when we'd finished, they'd kill us!
  5. There is one running in May as well. CFT is day one hour one, fail that and its home you go.
  6. When I was there, the course was run by very keen chaps with sand or maroon coloured headress....
  7. That was just for breakfast... defeated 3rd Shock for lunch and then tea & biscuits for tea
  8. Any later dates announced yet?
  9. I did JCLM two years ago and it was pretty physical . SCLM was concurrent and they did just as much fizz as us . Expect a CFT first day , log runs , assault course and orienteering . Four day exercise at the end , during which you should not count on getting any sleep at all . That said , it's run by the same DS as the JCLM , and was ,without doubt , the best course I have ever done .
  10. Just out of interest how does JCLM and SCLM differ in content to an Infantry JNCO or SNCO cadre. Apart from the fact the infantry courses are in brecon. Does some of the course focus on trade training in future rank or just being a section commander or platoon sgt.
  11. And the equivalent courses in the infantry are in WARMINSTER, they aren't training to be a rifle section comd or Sjt

    p.s. or things have changed since I did mine :)
  12. There was no trade training at all . A bit of admin, loose minutes and such like . I can't make comparisons with infantry courses as I know little about them .
  13. The course is designed to remind you that you are a leader of men and not just some jumped up bt repair man with a rifle.
  14. So.....how did it go?

    I've heard some horror stories which is probably why no one has posted "how good it was".....that and according to sources the drop out rate was so high, the J and S CLM's had to merge and ran as JCLM?
  15. Thats what i've heard... 1/3 dropped out the first day, so it was a case of Seniors sitting in the same class as Juniors doing the same lessons for the most part... how that helps you as a Sgt wasn't made clear (I expect it helped the DS though). Sounds a bit bonk to me. SCLM shouldn't be a repeat of JCLM... if thats the case then in these times of austerity SCLM should get knocked on the head, as everyone there has already passed JCLM!

    Apparently there was a PFA before the AFT, held saturday morning. The bad thing was that this wasn't on the JI's so the guys that turned up on Sat PM ready for Sun AM start got RTU'd on arrival, as they'd missed the PFA they didn't know about. When they explained this to the DS they got told it was in their info pack... you know, the one you pick up on arrival. The same DS then (later in the week) test the course on writing Admin Orders. Luckily they called their RHQ before leaving Blandford and it all got smoothed out.

    Anyway, to those that passed, well done. On the plus side you won't have to see 4 Mil Sqn again.