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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by uncle_vanya, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Do R Sigs Radio Det soldiers still get depolyed on HM Ships, such as the 'Fearless' back in the 1960s and 1970s. Is there any data/history on these radio dets and how they interacted with R Navy matelots etc.
  2. Dunno but when I was with 38 sigs TA we had ex-RN ships radios in the 4 tonners!
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Our withdrawal from Singapore meant that the RN lost its supply of pet monkeys that were bred in a cage by HMS Terror sick bay. So I'm sure a tame pongo would be more than welcome.
  4. We used to send blokes from 5 AB Bde to ships in the mid 80's and vice versa, needless to say the Matelots always reckoned they drew the short straw. Can't remember what is was called but it came under an Exercise. Discovery 001 or Convoy Cock may remember it.
  5. Only for exercises now so far as I know. I've never met anyone who's spent longer than a couple of weeks on board one of HM's canoes.
  6. Wasn't it called a Jocamex or something?
  7. Yeah, that rings a bell. I assume it was Joint Communication Exercise?

    30 did some when I was there because of the PJHQ/Spearhead type role some of the troops had. Nuneaton to Plymouth in a Transit van with no radio just to drop some kit off is a right laugh!
  8. Chatting to some blokes on Faceache about it...some laughs to be had, seems like the normal thing was our blokes went on the piss and the Navy lads got beasted about on the Para assault course for fun!!
  9. Yep, JD. Jocomex was a good skive for us lot, but no fun for the matelots.

    Me and a famous 216 all-round-good-bloke-but-olympic-swamping-champion ended up doing the swap and going on HMS York for a few days in 91. They just got us in the mess deck and got us leathered for a few days. Unfortunately they put my compadre in the top bunk and when he went midnight-fireman, everyone got a bit.

    Whilst we were doing this, the two unfortunate navy lads who went in the other direction found themselves having to turn up for Tuesday and Thursday PT, with a lovely beasting round the training area and a fun go on the steeplechase.

    In summary, a great old skive for R dot Sigs and a punishment posting for the Senior Service.
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  10. We used to do a monthly Jocommex, which involved HF RATT type set up. Normally we be given a set of freqs and it was just to ensure equipment interoperability, nobody actually went anywhere.

    However I did do an exercise in which I ended up on HMS Invincible in their comms room. As we jumped in we only had two sets of kit with us both the same, the Navy lot changed into different uniforms about 3 times a day.

    They also had women aboard who were not shy to say the least. The first conversation I had with one young lady she inquired if I had seen Animal Farm. I said the film about the George Orwell novel, she said no the one where the guy fucks chickens. She seemed a bit over eager to see this bestiality film like she was missing out on a large part of her life.

    I think I blushed a little bit.
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  11. There was a specific name for them but cannot remember, and eveybody is right was a tad onesided shame never got on any of these gigs
  12. Got a mate, Sgt (RSIGS) currently on a 2 year posting with the matelots in Pompey.Purely land based, he's having one BFO skive.
    He won't admit to what got him sent there though.
  13. A posting order from Manning and Records?
  14. I think they were called 58 Port and Maritime or something like that and had Signals posted in to them