R Sigs Pay Review

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PoisonDwarf, Feb 11, 2003.

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  1. Go on then let us know if you're spitting teeth over this one.

    All the Supervisory trades are going to get £10k when they pass their courses.  A bit of a kick in the teeth to the remainder really.

    I must admit I'm please from a selfish point of view and looking forward to my Supvr IS course for that very reason.  Perhaps one day I'll get WO2 and wait for the "ker-ching" of the pay office cash register.

    Techs have had it for years though.  Poor darlings must find it stressful coming out of training as NCOs!

  2. Assuming that is PD, that they simply dont post people straight from other trades/corps into the WO2/SSGT slots so that you never have the chance to get promoted let alone on the course. As a fellow IS Op, this may mean something to you!!!

    It was great to know that i'v missed out on yet another F.R.I. for the IS Foundation course. I'v never had a penny, its starting to get right on my onions!!!
  3. I guess you have read the latest AFPRB report for 03.  Thing is, it is only a reccomendation, and thereafter the policy people then make the rules on who can or cant apply.
  4. Sounds a good Idea to me (IS Sup)
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Same old shit no doubt it will stop in 10 years time when there becomes a vacancy for promotion to SSGT and then the IS SUP course. I know what lets fill the trade with people who have two or three years left. Block all promotion and then let them sit on there arrse and do **** all.
  6. Is their still a problem retaining IS Ops? I don't think the money is required, the IT training and knowledge should be enough.

    You either want to do it or you don't. If you just want to freeload, F**K off out of the trade.
  7. I agree entirely, I for 1 am not going to bitch about mising out on 5k...IF the IS ops are given up to date training, courses etc....
    The fact that I am an IS op is good enough for me, I want to do the trade, and am not just in it cos my trade ceased to exist, and am looking for a cushy number.......(if the cap fits)
    If all you want to do is cry like a big girl...or sit on your elbows for the rest of your non-career (all 2 Years of it!) and complain how you SHOULD be the next CGS, but were passed over...etc
    then sign your name
    and fcuk off ooot
    You will not be missed, and someone else might be able to use your slot in the unit for something useful.
    5k is nothing compared to the benifits one can reap, upon completion of service, IF you get off your arrse and work....you know, like they pay you to!
    pussies ;D
  8. A couple of points for IS Ski Geek -
    Those with 2-3 yrs left didn't fill the IS Sup trade, they supplemented it.  Promotion is not affected as they have their own board for 3 yrs.
    The bit about them sitting on their arses is true! But who's fault is it if there's no job to do?
    They came across last year, before any mention of the bonus was made, and so are not driven by the money, but the chance to do something with their lives.

    Right, rant over, who's for a round of golf? ;D
  9. In reply to Godfrey...I am in it for the cash, and dont give a flying f&*k what the IS Ops think.  They should stop their winging and make me a coffee...one sugar!
  10. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Godfrey, on the point of moving across to the trade and filling slots this is aimed at the trade in general. As for there not being a job for them to do. I find this hard to believe there is always the opportunity to improve things that are already in place. They can also go to places like schrivenham to enhance their personnel knowledge and career prospects. As to the money for finishing IS Courses maybe we should realisticly look at giving a profesionall qualification instead of a cash incentive.
  11. I agree totally on the point about quals.  Trouble is the Army will never play it that way because they know how much quals are worth in civvy street, so you can do the course but they won't let you have the civvy qual.  Nice way of getting their money's worth out of you, eh?  Still, any experience is good experience.

    As for the opportunity to improve things, is that why a certain WO1 disappears at crucial moments, so he can improve his golf handicap? ;D
  12. oi sado's if you dont like it f**k off to civvy street
  13. May I say those that “transferred from REME, RA, and AGC (SPS) that they did not take ANY slots? They only supplemented them at ARRC, the ARRC and may I say the R Sigs took the RISK to employ them on a Temporary Manning Authority (TMA).  This TMA can run for whatever period the budget manager wishes to support.  Those currently on DS1 like Godfrey and WFB ARE contributing to the success of the R Signals with the role out of digitisation.

    Now…… Money a part this is not what they came across for “yes WFB is a cross dresser” but at least he did it for the money, nonetheless it is not a driving factor.  I will let you in a secret – the driving factor is “contribution” to the success of the whole bigger picture.  
  14. Gonads!...Just gimma the cash ;D
  15. I will give you some only if I had them ------- would you like them played with