R Sigs museum. Any experts or anyone have knowledge of

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Cardinal, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. YEOMAN system? What was there and does anyone have any pictures or links?

    Thanks for the last request for help on Clansman. Great amout of help offered.

  2. Wasn't Yeoman the ill fated initial idea for Bowman? I think the manufacturer sacked it off or went bump... one of the two. The museum has a display on it.
  3. YEOMAN was the name for one of the consortia competing for the initial BOWMAN contract (Racal & Siemens Plessey). The other bidder left in before the competition collapsed in 1996 was the CROSSBOW consortium, led by ITT. They all reappeared in a combined bid called ARCHER, which duely collapsed in 1998. The final BOWMAN contract went to General Dynamics in 2001.

    YEOMAN never went into service, but the radios, ancils, etc which were being proposed as their solution to the bid do exist (along with doubtless loads of marketing stuff with YEOMAN logos).
  4. Pretty close, the Yeoman and Crossbow consortia competed in trials during 1996 (I was part of the MoD group observing Yeoman - still have the Operators Handbook). They then pulled a fast one and combined as Archer (ACSL - Archer Communictions Systems Limited) in 1997. By 1999 the MoD/DPA had lost confidence in their ability to deliver on time/budget (see the NAO report) and pulled the plug in 2000. The contract was put out for re-tender (or whatever its called), 3 companies were in final competition: TRW, Thales & CDC (Computing Devices Canada - part of General Dynamics). CDC won and were awarded the Bowman contract. Later renamed GD(Canada) they expanded their UK operation under GD(UK), with a new site in Wales to deal with Bowman (and CIP a little later).
  5. No we don't have a display of Yeoman. We have Yeoman equipment (much more than we do BOWMAN (sore point) but not a great deal of background knowledge as to the complete system or how near it came to being introduced into service.
  6. Thanks, I have just placed one of the Yeoman sets in our new Larkspur (missing we have almost none) Clansman, Yeoman and Bowman (very little equipment) display.

    Thanks for the info

  7. Cardinal, check your PM!