r sigs... manned? jumping ship?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_lazy_H, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. have recently been back to the unique georgian town to find that a hefty percentage of folk in my peer group are signed off/signing off/seriously contemplating it.

    one of the reasons that popped up the most was the fact they always said they would leave when they didnt enjoy it anymore.

    whats the feeling in the corps then.

    currently serving only. you old and bold wont like this anarchy and weakness of signing off etc
  2. H,
    I can only speak for a few, when I say that the Corps' is going through a massive change at the mo, which can be and is very frustrating.

    IIRC, there are only 3 of my phase 1 troop left in, not sure if this helps.
  3. it aint weak, you have to have to have some big balls to get out now a days its a jungle out there???
  4. You have to have a stutter :?
  5. no i dont i dont i dont

  6. Cheers mate :D
  7. Just wait until the recession bites. Things could get nasty! Survival of the fittest and all that....er no that's nothing to do with PFT timings. :)
  8. A lot of people at my unit have decide to transfer recently as well as the usual signing offs after a leave period.
  9. I bloody hope not or I'm fecked!
  10. You concentrate on getting a job mate. You need to be able to employ me when I leave - save me from living on a bit of cardboard under Waterloo Bridge.
  11. the more people signing off the better it is for me, less people on the promotion board.
  13. I am personally quite green and do love being in the corps, and see signing off as a sign of weakness. however recently noticed a complete lack of management skills from senior ranks and its pushed shop floor morale to an all time low. Just wish people would remember where they came from and that they dont have to s**t on those below them to gain promotion. Full screws at my unit are just highly paid siggys in the eyes of those above em !
  14. Morale needs to come right from the top, as it is strategic issue for any organisation. A lack of morale tends to imply that people don't believe in their mission and what they're being expected to achieve, as well as not being rewarded for achievements and valued by the firm. So although your seniors may be at fault to some extent, it's wrong to simply pin the blame on middle management. Problems almost always trickle down from the big boss and his cronies - lack of direction, belief, confidence and all those other things that we talk about on CLM but too many people pay lip service to. I hope things improve.