R Sigs JCLM does this carry over to the RLC??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sticky, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. As per title, No one seems to know the answer!
  2. Must do. As shite as the Signals are there is no way they can be as Chip Shop as the RLC
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  3. **** you funny man!
  4. Although the RLC are chip shop
  5. Que Stacker1 putting in his twopenneth worth in
  6. Honesty is the best policy!!!
  7. Well, I was going to question your opinion on us being as good as "chip shop".
  8. Isn't it a Royal Signals course for promotion - why would it carry over into another Corps, surely they have their own 'career' courses.

    Perhaps you should go into the Marines and ask them if you could skip the JCC as you have JCLM under your belt.
  9. Buddy hate to tell u this, the answer is maybe or no, it depends whether MCM Div will take it , guys I've seen who have transferred have had to do the RLC CLM because it is trade/ Corps specific
  10. When CLM was implemented wasn't it meant to be that the majority of the training objectives were the same accross the board (less infantry)

    Only did 1 lesson which could have been considered corps specific,
  11. STC

    STC Swinger

    The core structure of CLM is generic however A&SD have contextualised as they see fit, there will be certain aspects that you will need to cover once you have re-badged.
  12. General rule is you can move sidewards in rank between corps but that lasts for around 12 months or so.

    The CLM element should be the same but I doubt it, if it's partly trade related (comms) - I'd be tempted to do it again because it's different and TA Sigs are not as good at CNR as other capbadges. (Many of the JNCO's in my Sqn were trained to use BOWMAN by RLC .... and oddly we're one of the better Sqns at BOWMAN)
  13. Does it really matter...after all...its "Just TA" :)