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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, May 20, 2013.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Any truth in the rumour that the rest of the RSIGS TA is going to get f**cked over like 33, 34, and 35 SRs were?

    Answers on a message pad...
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

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  3. They didn't get fucked-over. They got disbanded because they were no bloody good and had Ptarmigan.
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  4. After they sorted them out in the late 90's, 33, 34 and 35 were quite good. Unfortunately they were fit for a purpose that no longer existed.

    So the key question you have to answer is: In the Army 2020 plan, does the unit have a role?
  5. UK Ops and support to the RF in iterations 4 & 5 spring to mind instantly ^~
  6. 2 Sig Gp (the re-branded 2 Sig Bde) is due to lose 1 x RHQ + 5 x Sqns, although AFAIK some of these PIDs will be re-roled to Int with CDInfo's liability. Comd 11 Sig Bde is very much of the 'Return to Contingency' mindset and will demand that his Gp Comd (a Reg red tab) and his CO's deliver Regts, which although primarily roled for UK Ops, maintain a capability for contingency operations. There, clearly, remains some work to be done...
  7. I remember being on parade and hearing that 34 were definitely not going, anyone spreading such rumours would be shot. The rumours were overheard by the waiters at the Officers Mess Xmas do.

    Next week we were boxing kit up.

    Things are going to change but no one knows what exactly is planned. HM could be fairly close.
  8. They should definately keep the TA RSIGS because of their commitment to Afghanistan if nothing else.

    The 5 individuals whom deployed from 39 Sigs over a 4 year period should be commended.
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  9. Does anyone realy care ? what will be will be
  10. I'd argue that was 42, 49 and 48 but.....

    The role of the Euromux regiments was to provide information services to RAMC hospitals, the role of the ptarmigan units was to provide information services to other rear area corps (loggies, reme, AMS, 16 Air Assault Rear, etc). Another additional role was providing extra nodes on the ptarmigan network.

    That's clear roles, yes the equipment was obsolete. So what happened to those roles?
  11. In no particular order:

    The end of the Cold War, the demise of 1 (BR) Corps, the creation of ARRC, the SDR, the SDSR, HERRICK, ENTIRETY, complete indifference by RSIGNALS RHQ to its reserve component, lack of vision, failure to see change coming, failure to embrace change, concentration on stovepiped system/trade alignment, demarcation that would make British Leyland look agile, obsolescence, no money, the complete failure of Cormorant, the failure of Falcon and the delay to BOWMAN.

    Where have you been for the last 10 years??
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  12. Not in RSIGNALS HQ!
  13. or 42 Manchester, 48 Brum and 49 Leeds Sig Sqns ..... :)
  14. Quite a lot of that is true. You have to remember that we all move on every 2 years which is nowhere near long enough to make any long lasting changes during a TA post. A lack of abundance of Corps equipment for the regulars does you no favours either. In short, we haven't sorted ourselves out, so why bother with the TA. They'll always recruit the losses in the long term.
  15. Essentially the roles disappeared because there was longer a UK only Corps deployment option. ARRC as a XXX HQ with a single UK Div was about as big as it could get. ARRC had completely grown out of Ptarmigan. Falcon, Cormorant, Richelieu, or other integrated services nodes using Satcom and limited LOS connections were the up and coming flavour. Simply put there was no enduring requirement for an area system when a Point of Presence architecture covered all the bases down to XX HQ and Bowman below that.
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