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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dry_Clean_Only, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. A separate thread for info TA R Signals, since the TA RIP thread is degenerating, and to try and stop the perceived panicking...

    Updates from respective subunits OC's will be given on drill nights this week, until told otherwise personnel should expect to turn in on Tuesday or the equivalent night for training.

    OC's will be briefing their Squadrons at the first available opportunity to provide an update and clarification on the impact of the articles published by the papers this morning.

    So basically for the meantime, if you are R Signals, don't panic and assume you will be attending future trade courses, MATTs training etc.

    Any queries regarding impact on units in 2 (NC) Sig Bde, happy to answer here or via PM.

  2. or maybe not
  3. Not Sigs, but have received similar message.
  4. Not being down on this, but you say the briefing is on drill night...doesn't say anything about there being another drill night after!!!!
  5. I'd be very interested in more information on how this will affect those in 2 Bde if you have some.
  6. This is being assessed by Bde presently, specifically how will this effect 2 (NC) Sig Bde's organic capability to provide infrastructure for emergency communications; given that 10 SR is presently being tasked with UK and expenditionary ops thus reducing the Bde's integral ability to respond (without the TA elements). It may be that the Bde (and constituent parts) escape a total training ban. Most units as you may be aware have reduced their training weekends and almost all have imposed MTD caps.

    However, until your next drill night, it's more a case of wait out. As for goodson8193[/b[ comment's about future drill nights, my advice would be not to speculate too much and await more info first.
  7. No point in waiting...

    Re-engaged at the end of August and told to start attendence at the beginning of Oct, once the Sqn returned from Annual Camp.

    Come the first drill night and I (and another dozen or so) are told that, because of a re-org, we are all surplus to requirements and that, as there are no comparable Signals posts available in the South East, we have the choice of either re-badging or being released.

  8. This is the impact of the restructuring of 2 (NC) Sig Bde, and the removal of over 2200 Line Serial Numbers (posts) from the Orbat. Individuals who can't be put onto a PID (new LSN name) in their current trade/position, have to either a) retrade to fit an available PID e.g. ED retrade to CS OP, b) find a different unit with a vacancy, or c) go on the unposted list (where you can't be paid or train). Some units are granting time in a post (of a different rank or trade) for 12 months until the individual either re qualifies or finds a new post elsewhere. However, these changes which I have described are to do with the Orbat changes for the Bde, not with the events of this morning.

    Either way I appreciate it isn't good news but if your current unit can't hold you, then are others elsewhere which will have gaps; since I updated our unit Orbat last week, I can certainly say we do have PIDs for specific posts and ranks. PM me if you want any advice on viable units elsewhere.
  9. DCO,

    The way you've phrased this suggests that there is some truth to the published stories, at least outside of RSigs and perhaps some other units. Won't this affect courses run by non-RSigs cap badges? (You know, the obscure stuff that RSigs don't go on that often like, say, TSC(A)...) No man is an island and all that...
  10. Unfortunately, as the adage goes "there is no smoke without fire" and in this case there is certainly info which hasn't been released through out the CoC as yet. Units within 2 (NC) Sig Bde by no means are guaranteed safe, but due to our UK Ops role as the primary emergency communications providers, there is the possibility that we might retain some courses/MTDs/training etc. I can only speculate like the rest of the TA as to the impact of courses being withdrawn and by no means do I think that we as a Corp can function effectively without the other arms, it will be bloody unpleasant at best.

    Dark times, however I'm remaining as optimistic as possible since moping isn't going to get us anywhere and I want my troops to appreciate we are doing the best we can to keep them informed, and supported in their training and our organisation. :idea:
  11. DCO,

    Optimism is what has kept us going, I urge all to wait until the relevant briefing, but it'd only serve us right if someone decided to be bolshy closer to use in a few years...I am deeply upset by this mauling of the TA. I await, as I say, the word from on high, but it doesn't sound good..

    Apologies for very drunken posting...
  12. You sound absolutley sober compared to some, no guesses which government/organisations/etc
  13. Not unless it's directly related to Herrick


    Plan for the recovery.
  14. Training update...there isn't any.
  15. Erm, their is.... it does seem certain regts maybe ringfenced (If you know me the info is on other means)