R Signals Operators Vs All Arms Signallers

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tramp_on_chips, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I pose the above question not to p*ss people off, but to start off an interesting debate. I think there is one fundamental difference between the two, other All Arms Sigs actually give a f*ck about their vocation.

    Now before i get shot down as a wannabe Siggy who doesnt know what theyre talking about i would like to point out that i spent 5 years in your glorious Corps before transferring over to where the grass is greener. 8O Now, when i was in the Corps i really couldnt give a t*ss about comms, i know i dont speak for everyone but i know i probably speak for quite a few people, we saw being signallers as something of an embarrasment when we worked with other units. You end up with a lot of lads wishing they were infanteers!

    Now that i am in another Corps and low and behold i am working in a Sigs role i really enjoy it and i am actually quite happy to tell people that it is what i do! It might be the Big fish in a small Pond syndrome whereas in the sigs you are the tinyest of Amoeba in an ocean unless you are a YofS or Pot Yofs (by that i mean the real keen flyers who can do no wrong, some of them are fantastic blokes). I know that before with clansman you could say that RSigs Ops had so many more job roles that they do, that is why they are better, with Bowman this isnt the case, there isnt that much that a Bde Sig Sqn can do when out on Ex that a Regt Sigs Pl/Tp can do, and lets face it, that is exactly what infantry/cavalry/loggy sigs have been doing with BG HQ and BSG for years. Im not saying that we should disband R Sigs units because they are useless, they are truly masters in all the specialist ninja comms areas that us lowly All Arms Sigs are not privy to, i do however think that the corps is becoming a hell of a lot more focused on the IS Eng side of things and moving away from what i suppose you could call 'Combat Comms'.

    Im sure that i will recieve quite a lot of incoming for this thread and i look forward to it, i hope i have raised an interesting issue! Just to get all of your views on the matter.......... :?
  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you're about as boring as me.
  3. Bigger picture fella, all the best in your new role...... :D
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    My own experience mirrors yours to a degree. I transferred from R.SIGNALS to an infantry regt (RGJ). Although I was not roled in Sigs Pln or as a Pln Signaller, I was habitually (and am still even as a Section IC) tasked with assisting with Comms and am deferred to due my Signals background. Mind you this was in the main because my R.SIGNALS job had been as Combat Net Radio RSOp, so there was quite a bit of crossover anyway.

    Ref: Big fish in small pond. Yes I think there is a bit of prestige in being a specialist in a certain area among 'non-practicers'. Nonetheless I personally found Inf comms more interesting and challenging than my previous role. I know many Signals types find other aspects of Comms more rewarding and/or challenging - vive la difference. I guess it just boils down to personal preferences.
  5. What trade were you before transferring?

    Communications isn't just about radios though mate, it's a huge area. If you compare us (the forces) to some superduper blue-chip stockmarket trading company (which also has information as its lifeblood) then also compare how we shift information around end-to-end. Years ago, they also used telephones non-stop to gather and relay information. Now they use real-time IT-based alternatives and all that, as it provides them a business advantage. It follows that we have to also accept that our information methods and technologies have also developed. Perhaps that's the central issue, the fact that roles are constantly changing to play catch-up, but can never quite match the technological advances. That said, if you enjoy your job as a radio operator then fair play, your role is reasonably well defined and has a clear place in the grand scheme of things.
  6. I was a Relay Op, but in a radio squadron i.e minimal Ptarmigan assets and spent most of my time pretending to be an RS Op! I was trying to be ironic about the grass being greener, its very much the same albeit with a different capbadge and i have enjoyed being in both Corps.
  7. I went from Pln Sig -> CV Sgt, then RSigs. Exercises were a lot more fun in the infantry, mainly doing Field Exs and Comms Exs at the same time not spliting them like we tend to do.
  8. Being a dvr rad-op in the very first days of the RLC and an all arms sig in the RAOC previously I loved doing signals - you actually did your job and as it was "specialised" you were left alone to do your job...

    I never looked down on the RSigs - why should I but I didn't envy them and I never for one moment thought of going over.
  9. alot of the rad ops are threaders in units because they are unable to do thier job as it is seen as a back up to the mighty ptarmigan.
  10. that that must be unit dependant, i was in one of the armd bde sig sqns and we used ptarmigan about 3 times in 4 years. I do remember lads in the big regiments saying the same sort of thing as you easy-wan, is that still the case with the advent of the majestic Bowman??
  11. Nice one.....

    A multitude of subjects to use for a first thread- but you chose to come back and kick the corps you left behind :roll:

    You could be on to something there mate - a revelation indeed =|

    All based, no doubt on this:

    and then your other ground-breaking revelation:


    You clearly did not understand the role of the Royal Signals when you were in it - nor do you now.

    I'd suggest you follow Milkybar's advice and look at the (much):

    .......good luck with your "interesting issue" :roll:
  12. When did you join RGJ? I knew two people in the Corps who came the other way! PM if you like, I reckon you might have known one of them at least...
  13. E-Layer,

    Not kicking the corps i left behind, simply asking a question that was asked on a recent course i was on, and funnily enough it was asked by someone who was in the Signals!

    How does me simply saying that when working with other arms a lot of the lads in my unit would wish that they wernt in the signals, mean that i didnt understand the role of the Corps? Secondly when i was in the Signals i didnt even consider what i wrote in the first paragraph, its only since i've rebadged and worked with R Sigs personnel that i have noticed it, and believe me to another arm/corps it certainly shows, especially within the junior ranks! :!:
  14. It doesn't.

    But this does......

    I don't agree and I think you need to explain your statement. To play along though mucker I imagine that in your Regt/Bn you are also among the single-celled morons too? unless you are the RSO, RSWO? Or would you have us believe that you ceased to be an amoeba the moment you left the Corps?

    (Your original statement didn't make sense so I have underlined and corrected to what I think you meant?)

    But with regards to your statement - can you explain what you THINK a Bde Sig Sqn does and then impress us with how you would propose to carry out and sustain that role with your Sigs Pl.

    No they haven't.

    You mean truly masters in those trade groups and comms areas that your unit does not in fact need to get involved in because your comms role is completely different from that of the Royal Signals?

    That "bigger picture" thing again mate.

    A conversation between you and your disgruntled muckers in the NAAFI doesn't quite constitute a rebellion mate and I don't think the SOinC(A) is bracing himself for a mass exodus as yet :wink:

    I see Toms all the time wanting transfer this, transfer that - usually after they have spent time working with a different Corps/Regt/Bn and usually because they feel that they have seen "the light". I was exactly the same myself after a 6-month tour of Belfast with the Infantry in the 80's.

    I thought about transferring after seeing their different ways of doing things and also because I was a young, indecisive fool, impressed by the excitement of cam-cream, petrol bombs and murals - nothing more and certainly nothing like the Guff that you have mentioned above.

    I have worked with some very professional communicators outside of the Corps over the years and there's no denying that All Arms Signallers are very good at what they do...

    But so are the Royal Signals mate - and you know that!

  15. What i was getting at with the amoeba comment was not how you have obviously read it. I was saying that in the signals, being an operator you really are a small fish in a big pond, seeing as the role of the Signals is to communicate. Whereas in another Corps/Regt, where the main role is not to communicate, you tend to be regarded as a big fish in a small pond if you specialise.

    I apologise for my comment about the Bde Sig Sqn with regards to a Sigs Pl/Tp, in hindsight i was talking out of my arrse and was just typing crap for the sake of it.

    When i was saying that the sigs are truly masters in those specialist ninja comms that we are not privy to, that was a complement, not an insult, and i am looking at the bigger picture. I know that the RSigs are very good at what they do, and the Operators within it are fantastic.