R SIGNALS Officer Job Role Poll

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bow_Man, Oct 26, 2002.

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  1. OK a bit tongue in cheek for the first one.  Any ideas for further polls please PM me preferably with the question and some of the options!!  Please feel free to add comments below!!
  2. Excellent bit of work Bowman!! ;D ;D ;D
  3. How about a poll on what preferrence people got there next posting by MCM div? Answers could be in the following catagories...
    1,     1st choice
    2,     2nd choice
    3,     3rd choice
    4,     I'm not trained for this job
    4,     wrong country
    5,     wrong continent
    6,     hang on they posted me to a postal and courier unit....

    this could then be sent to to MCM div as a sort of performance assessment.

    Perhaps we could get SO3,SO2 hell even Col MCM Div's pay assessed by this.

    I'll get back in my box.
  4. I like your idea Jammy, but you know that they would still feed you lies year in, year out.

    In reference to the poll I have heard from the rumour tree that they are now letting some officers go to civilian universities to read for degrees - can anybody confirm this?
  5. R SIGNALS Officers doing in service degrees (and students leaving Welbeck College) are doing a trial course at the Newcastle University instead of the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham.  I believe that REME and RE are also doing a similar scheme except that:

    Engineers are going to Southampton
    REME are going to either Bristol or Reading.

    In service degrees are nothing new for officers, however there are fewer officers doing them these days (mainly due to most officers already having a degree before going to RMA Sandhurst), it would appear that civvy universitys can deliver the correct training at a lower cost... or maybe it is being done for another reason..either way if I had my time again perhaps I would have worked harder for my A levels if the opportunity to get sent to Newcastle University was on offer!!
  6. You don't wanna do it like that, you wanna get a Cadetship and go to a civvi uni in London from 18-21 on 8 Grand a year, that's what you wanna do...

    Oh. they don't do them any more, that's a shame.

  7. Dev

    for your info Welbexians going through Newcastle are on £12-14K a year.

    The Guys doing in service degrees are on £23-24K a year.

    You can also add the fact that in Newcastle the money buys more beer and the girls wear less clothing...

    ......so what exactly do you mean?? ??? ???  You appear to have been on a worse system...
  8. Well it was a few years ago now and for a pointy headed farmer who had rarely left North Devon, London was a pretty eye-opening choice.

    but point taken, I am glad the Army still pays for ppl to go to Uni in that manner.  I thought it had packed up with the University Cadet scheme.
  9. A 353Z does 350 miles to a tank of fuel provided it is not in 4WD or dif lock.
  10. Hey Mercs!

    You need to get out more often boyo!

    In fact I bet you are a pillar of the establishment at Blandford!  

    A right little Radio Group groupie!

    Still better than being some other waster at the Centre for Excellence!

    Either get a life or get a posting!

    Twisted Pongo
  11. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    why such a low take up of membership of IIE or IEE amongst R Sigs Officers??
    should the Corps not be encouraging the memebrship of such instutions?

    i take it the courses that these unis are running are accredited?

    Perhaps if the powers that be at Blandford actually got in touch with any of the main engineering institutes and found out what it would entail for the courses being run at RSS to be accredited then they would hopefully find it was easy enough to do and we could get all who pass through some sort of civilian recognition, a bit of a feel good factor and retention aid and a few more people who could actually use a comms system
  12. To Bow_man, as someone who hopefully is off to study an in service degree next year, the choices are these Newcastle, Southampton, Loughborough, Birmingham and Nortumbria @ Newcastle. Each Uni is headed up by a different service eg the Navy run Southampton etc.

    Its a hard life but someones got to do it. :D
  13. Look on the bright side, if an officer does not achieve some of the high standards that they may want to achieve as a 2IC Squadron, (Yes a Captain) then they can be posted on as the officer in charge of all officer postings in the corps. Now that is irony
  14. 1920 any particular examples of your rambling statement :?:
  15. 1920 - Always easier to accuse