R Signals leadership course?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Aeneas, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Hello chaps. I'm scheduled to go onto this course on the 5-30th March in Blandford.

    I was just wondering if anyone whose done this course before could maybe give me some feedback about what to expect and possibly what to prepare for.

  2. Run.

    With a bergan.

    Up hills.


    Carrying heavy things.

    That said, a very good course.
  3. 'Royal Signals Leadership Course'.....er, isn't that rather a contradiction in terms!
  4. How would you know??? :cyclopsani:
  5. royal signals leadership course? according to some of our dark side brethren... i would guess that many have attended but none have ever passed it ;)
  6. Having been on it in 1990 and an instructor on it in 1998, I can honestly say that it is what you will describe as "the best coure the Army has ever sent me on". When I was a student in 90 it was hard work but really enjoyable, when an instructor it was equally as challenging, but just to provide the same stimulus as I had. Feel free to PM me for precise details.
  7. No it isn't my friend.

    Wake up and show a bit more credibility on the R. Sigs pages than you currently do. Your call.
  8. Deerhunter,

    My comment was made tongue in cheek but I apologise if you feel offended. Please take it in the spirit it was meant.

    That said, I do feel qualified to make some comment on the leadership theme having had three postings with the royal corps. During those postings I have experienced absolutely diabolical examples of poor leadership from seniors and officers at those units. At one unit it resulted it in a considerable PVR rate. As a senior it sadded me to see my peers treat their lads so appallingly.

    We should differentiate leadership from management. Leadership is that ability to command men in war and peace by leading by example, making tough but fair decisions and looking after the men under your command. It is failure to do this which I have witnessed frequntly in my time working with the Corps.

    This is not a Royal Signals bash. On the contrary I have worked with some cracking lads from your corps and have no issue with the professionalism of the work you do. However, as I stated above I have seen some very negative leadership issues at the units I have served with.

    Speaking objectively, of course, the leadership issue is not just confined to the Corps, we can all point to our own corps or regiments and highlight glowing examples of poor leadership, mismanagement, ineptitude and downright negligence at times. However, it just so happens that I have witnessed this with the royal corps and hence the comment.

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  9. That will probably be because the "diabolical examples of poor leadership from seniors and officers" will most probably have come from those people who never went on the R Signals leadership course, this course is not offered to every one.
  10. Who is this course offered to?
  11. Now that is a good question. I was volunteered to go on it when I was young thrusting eager blah blah, why they picked me and no one else in the Regiment I have no idea. (Except that I was a young thrusting etc etc:) )

    Didn't actually get to go as I broke my leg and arm by failing to remember that trees are not soft an squashy when doing 100mph on a pair of Nato planks.
  12. Does that mean you are one of the diabolical ones? (joke, by the way in case I upset anyone else!).
  13. As they kept saying too me on mine in the early 90's ... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!
  14. Don't know, don't care. Big fat useless civvie barstward now so all that shouty running around stuff is waaaaay behind me. :)
  15. [/quote]Don't know, don't care. Big fat useless civvie barstward now so all that shouty running around stuff is waaaaay behind me. :)[/quote]

    Great isn't it!