R Signals in Northern Ireland Print 1980s

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by macattack, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know where i can get hold of the print it shows
    Royal Signals in various roles in the Province.

    I was given one as a leaving present in 1987 and no longer have it but would like to get one.

    if anyone can help then please let me know.

    thanks :thumleft:
  2. Try the Corps museum.

  3. They used to sell them in the PRI at Lisburn. If you cant track one down from there, i'd suggest talking to the Corps museum.
  4. Thanks
    but the ones in the museum are not the one i want.
    i tried there before asking the question.

    surely there must be some or one somewhere. been watching ebay for
    ages for one but no luck.

    Lisburn PRI is an option but its a closed shop for me, out of the loop!!

    any help very much appreciated

  5. This shows the Corps in Northern Ireland mate


    Seriously though - I know which one you mean and I think we've got a print in our Mess or RHQ. I'll dig out the artist details and post them on here. If nothing else it'll give you a better search engine result.

  6. Avoid the new one, it is supposed to show the Corps in NI but is all about 39IBSS also it was drawn by a small child. £15 mispent for sure.

    Not seen the old one for quite some time, it could be hard to find with all the units closing along with their PRI`s.

    If you have any contacts out there they may be able to get one from a unit/mess closing auction.

    Good luck.
  7. Cheers

    a friend of mine is over there at them moment although on detachment to Afganistan at present - so will bother him once he makes a safe return.