R SIGNALS Future Structures?

I used to know a guy who had a very clear idea of what SDSR meant for R SIGNALS - I seem to remember he didn't mind telling the world what the future was going to be like. Bde Sig Regts and Div Sig Sqns etc.

Anyway, I lost comms with this bloke a few months ago, just before the big change was supposed to happen. I'm a bit out of the loop now but nothing seems to have changed and the plans seem to have gone on hold.

Does anyone actually know what the future holds for the Corps - Unit structures wise?

^That reduction was needed but it could have been done with more skill. It's not really placed to recruit local talent from IT/telecoms industry, like the lack of Sqns in big northern cities like Manchester/Leeds/Newcastle/Nottingham/Derby/Leics - odd troop outpost yes. Or down south where we have the M4 corridor surrounded ...
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