R signals 2020?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MindenHalberd, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. What's the scoop on Corps structures for 2020 then?

    Are we keeping Bde Sig Sqns or going multi-role Sig Regts?

    What about the Divs, do they keep their own Sig Regt?

    Any one out there got a line on any of this?

  2. 5 x Multi Role Regts supporting the 3 x Inf Bde's on the reaction forces side with the other 2 x Sig Regts supporting others though can't remember exactly what they were doing, 1 maybe supporting the Log Bde. The only Bde Sig Sqn left is 216 Sig Sqn. No deployable Div HQs by the looks of things though I may have mis-understood certain aspects of the briefing. Generally we came out of it pretty well though not too sure how the Bde Sig Sqns within the Multi Role Regts are going to work out...
  3. Bad idea in my book, how will this work? Will Sqn X from MR Regt 1 be sent one week (depending upon availability/capability) with Sqn Y going the next time.

    Anyone who has worked in Bde HQ knows the Staff (god bless them) are a funny bunch and you need to understand how the Comdr and his team wish to operate (they are all different). Being Task Org'd in this way is a recipe for a kicking but hey, what do I know! :)

    Oh and anyway, the 30,000 reservists will sort out any of our problems I am sure :)
  4. Good points - one bit of the Corps that wasn't broke but we still like to fix things. It will be interesting with RLS as well and the dynamic back in camp.

    Munch Me
  5. Are the BSSs actually going to be in t CSR? Or just 'notionally' part?

  6. Real Life Support. From what the briefing notes said, there will be no designated Sig Sqn, just support from the CSR
  7. Sigs drop Life Support which gets taken up by a Log unit. What that probably means is that we'll keep doing it but without the manpower or equipment. What worries me is the over reliance on the TA.
  8. Could be a good time to re-energise teh GD trade.

    Driver, cable-dog and Pioneer skills for all. The odd one or two picking up guccies like environmental health and hobby chef.

    tie on to the Ops, Engrs (both flavours), EDs and storemen.

    Gives a good trade to stick in to the likes of hte FP Sqn.
  9. You can't generate a trade against a function you're not remitted to carry out.
  10. What TA? They are reducing R Signals TA by a "RHQ and 5 sub units" Which to me means a TA Regt.
  11. How many does that leave?
  12. I think there is 3 TA regts now so chopping a third off. Considering regular is losing 1 regt total, R Signals TA are getting dry bummed. 2SigX becomes 2 Sig Gp as oppose to disbanding.

    What I understand for the Corps is that the army sees "Signaling" as important enough to require regular manning more so than other corps/regts.

    Contractors integrating more spells the end to the REME. (IMO, of course!)
  13. It will be interesting to see if the Regiments end up viewing the TA as a burden or actually embrace them as a necessary overhead.
  14. TA integration as I see it. Sig A (Regular det comd) maintains his det Mon to Fri. LCpl B (TA Det Comd) does not maintain his det so Sig A has to pick up the slack. A Pacex is called to test all eqpt. LCpl B can only come in Sat/Sun so Sig A has to work the weekend. LCpl B has skill fade so Sig A guides him through the set up and helps to run the det. LCpl B breaks det but takes no action. Sig A completes CIS/IR and 1045 and arranges repair, fits new eqpt.


    LCpl B is promoted to Cpl due to his well maintained det. Sig A signs off because he works 7 days a week and the TA got all the AT slots "because we have to integrate them into the Sqn".
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  15. 5 TA Regts at the moment 32,37,38,39 & 71 announcement to be delivered in October. No TA Regt capable of delivering what will be expected of them. The mentality will need to change and the trade structure will as well (2 trades only within TA) to actually give an effective Regt able to deliver the capability required.

    Munch Me