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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pompey_Jock, Sep 11, 2004.

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  1. First post - hello to all.
    Been away from the part-time green machine for a few years - making moves to get back involved.... post being waved my way - if/when i return to the fold - is RSO. 8O

    Now was an infantry Plt Commander before and enjoyed all that good stuff... went on Cambrian Patrol etc..."smell of naplam in the morning" yadda, yadda, yadda....

    Never paid all that much attention to the RSO - or what they did etc etc Beyond the Regimental Signals Officer title - am a little in the dark.

    Any kind souls care to enlighten me somewhat..? 8)
  2. Sounds normal. Appoint someone as RSO who knows nothing of what to do
  3. Hopefully there is a Signals section or Platoon. Get to know the Signal Sgt.
    Read up on signals, SOIs, etc etc.
    Maybe they'll send you on a course.

    Assuming that's what the job is, and not Range Safety Officer. lol
  4. Wells thanks....
    Not so much that know nothing of what to do - know us much about the Sigs side of it as an any Pltn Comm would - with TA Units being 'fractured' over different locations just never had much contact with the Sigs platoon & RSO.

    Guess I was thinking more of the actual "job description" sort of thing - but now that I am more awake today I guess I can pretty much work it out.

    But yes - some sort of more Sigs intensive course would be good for sure.
    And no - its not Range Safety Officer - though I think I still have that 'qualification' lurking somewhere.
  5. Two people guaranteed to get fisted by the CO on a brigade (or higher) exercise where the CO is not entirely in charge of his destiny.

    - The RSO (because signals will, at some point, stop working)
    - OC Recce (because recce will, at some point, miss something).

    But you do get a Landrover, a trailer, (hopefully) several ludicrously well-qualified and sensible SNCOs to train you up, and the chance to be treated as odd-job man by the Adjutant. :)

    (No, I wasn't RSO, my mate was. On the Div Ex, I beat him to the bollocking by ten minutes)
  6. All good points. As I said, get to know your Signal Sgt/WO.

    and remember, no matter what, the message must go through!

    odd job-man for the Adjutant, kind of like being a part time SLJO
  7. Ahah - thats the sort of thing I was looking for -

    I had a rough idea what the official job was..... but wanted to know what it really became.

    Still it gets me back in green (if all goes well) and I can make the best of anything... not that I have anything against signals anyway.
  8. RSO the best and worst job in the Regt

    Best because:

    1. you get to do some important work
    2. You work on your own a lot of the time with no OC bothering you
    3. You get a good understanding of how things work at RHQ and above which is very useful latr on.

    Worst because
    1. The radios wil break and you have to explain to the CO why his dawn attack isnt happening.
    2. You work all the hours God sends to keep things going for fear of the above.
    3. The adjt will spam you will all the crap jobs as the most junor member of RHQ.

    All in all I enjoyed my 2 years as an RSO, and it has really helped later on. The last 3 OC's and the next in my unit were all RSO's, read into that what you will.
  9. Thanks for yet more comments.... all taken on-board.

    Havent even been officially offered it yet - but it is the 'slot' mentioned for when I step back into green.

    Time will tell.

  10. You got slotted for that post, eh? It was all the talk in Belgium last week...
  11. Hhhmmm - like I said; not sure how 'official' it is, but it is the opening that has been mentioned.
    But have, as yet, still to go and see "The Main Man"/Head Honcho about it.

    And now ofcourse have to work out who HG ^ is... unless just want to put me out of my misery and PM me. Although think the 'eh' may be a bit of a cultural give away! :D
  12. Course, as any flaggy can tell you, if you want that slot you'll get the best reception at the top of the Hill.....eh?