Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by evs81, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Hello all! Can someone please explain to me if R&R is an entitlement or not? My husband will be away for 5 months and 1 week (roughly) and because he left later than everybody else his bosses are saying all the flights are fully booked which i take to mean no R&R. Surely thats not right? I understand that 4 months away equals 1 week R&R and 6 months equals 2 weeks. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  2. Maybe he doesn't like you and is having a holiday with the lads when he goes on R&R??

    Or maybe he's really keen and doesn't want R&R??

    Or....he's not going on tour, and is just leaving you?
  3. Smudge, have you thought about working for Relate? :wink:
  4. evs,

    Sorry to disappoint but R&R is not an entitlement.
  5. I'm truly impressed Smudge. Only two minutes after posting and you are right there with an answer designed to build up morale. Is this a record?
  6. Alf,
    I am well out now, but should a slot come up what would be the chances of taking an impromptu RR? Or rather does it depend on unit/work to be done?
  7. Dwarf,

    It is up to the chain of command and their judgement of the situation as a whole - obviously it would be unwise to comment any further regarding a particular individual.
  8. What theatre is your husband in? If it Afghanistan I doubt he will have problem getting a flight, just that they can't guarantee the exact date.
    As everyone has said it's not an entitlement but its rarly denied to anyone.
  9. The only thing he failed on was asking for a photo. Tut tut

    Standards these days
  10. U having a bad day Smudge?? Thanks to everyone who did help!!
  11. He didn't ask if she was fit either.
  12. It is up to his boss, I went to Telic 11 I only did 5 months as I was on course when we first deployed and didn't get R&R as the plot was already done!!
  13. Maybe "all the flights are fully booked" means, all the flights are fully booked.

    On the other thread, you mentionned that they said that all the flights were fully booked until February. That could mean a possible R&R slot in February for your hubby.

    There are over 8,000 troops in theatre and they all want R&R. They can't all have it when they want. They can't all have it when their other halfs want it. They can't all have it at the same time. They can't all get on the same aircraft.
  14. Not too bad actually! :)

    I hope your fella gets a flight back at some point.

    PS....are you fit.....and can we see a photo? ;)
  15. Phew! Good boy, we were getting worried about you then.