4 months 1 day = 7 days R&R
6 months 1 day = 14 days R&R

not entirely sure what document refers to it, however I had a problem last year as I was 9 days short of the requirement for 14 days R&R, it was then at the CO's descretion as to whether I got 14 or 7.
bazzac said:
Can any one tell me the entitlement to R&R on a five month tour and if there is any JSP that refers to this
Take a shufti at the J1 Annex to your Mounting Instruction.
I thaught R&R was a privelidge and not an entitlement. I also think it depends on where the tour is afghan and iraq you get more compared to say falklands or bosnia i think.
Lookin JSP 760.

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