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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cherryviper, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know the entitlement of R&R for people that do between 4 months and 6 months, I am approximately 2 weeks short of a 6 month tour and have been informed that I have 1 weeks R&R, is there anything inbetween 1 week & 2 when it comes to this or is that it?
  2. Personally, all I can say is enjoy your time off :)
  3. Oh I will
  4. Any plans of what you're gonna do?
  5. Are you confusing R&R and POTL?

  6. nope..... defo R&R, my due date to be out of theatre is Dec but due to a promotions course I am coming home early, due to the fact that I am not doing 6 months, (out by 9 days) I am getting 1 weeks R&R :(

    RoyalEngineers - plan to spend alot of time with my kids and pretty much nothing else really :)
  7. Sounds a bit dodgy to me, who has decided that you get a weeks R&R?

    Is it a troopy making a jolly good idea of his happen or has it came from G1.
  8. The OC enquired about it, so I think it came from the Adjt???
  9. from 4 months and 1 day to 6 months is an entitlement to 14 Days R&R (including travelling time)
  10. 1 week, that is correct, between 4 and 6 months on Op Tour, however, this does seem a tad harsh given the time left to complete 6 months, are you going to complete the 6 months, if so, you should get the full 2 weeks.
  11. Which one of you is right, Legs or LongJohnSilver? Because you've both said completely different things.
  12. This from the JSP, it would seem that it is down to Commanders to make a decision, it states that 14 nights are the maximum that can be given in 1 period of R & R, THE MAXIMUM.


    5.003. The decision to grant R&R rests with the in-theatre operational commander, who will consider a number of factors such as the threat, the operational requirement and minimum force levels, to determine the practicality of R&R.

    5.004 R&R is not leave and is to be taken at a time, location and for a duration specified by the operational commander. R&R may only be granted to individuals and units on periods of continuous operations in excess of 4 months. Individuals should be in receipt of the OWP(O) and not receiving LOA for the theatre to which they are deployed. Those in receipt of the OWP(O) are not eligible for the Overseas Leave Travel Schemes unless specific approval is given by MoD (SP Pol Allowances) on a case-by-case basis. R&R is not to count against an individual’s entitlement to Annual Leave.

    5.006 The maximum permissible period for each instance of R&R is 14 nights inclusive of travelling time. The number of permissible periods of R&R is dependent upon expected tour length and is subject to the following restrictions:

    a. Over 4 months (120 days) but less than 7 months (210 days) - one period of R&R.

    b. Over 7 months but less than 11 months (330 days) – two periods of R&R.

    c. Over 11 months – three periods of R&R.
  13. LSJ,

    Which JSP is that?

  14. Litotes, JSP 760 :D .


  15. CC is looking into it as he thinks its a bit harsh.... I have resigned to the fact that I am getting 1 week, anything else is a bonus!