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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Just got off the phone to a mate who is back from a sandy & hilly place on R&R. Asked him what sort of hire car he got given to be told that they weren't giving them out to his unit (despite all previous units getting them). Instead his unit offered rail warrants or unit transport.
    This strikes me as taking the piss. The last thing you want after 3 months in the dust and heat and a long trooping flight (for once, the RAF has my admiration as they got in 45 mins early!) is to have to get a train home... He was lucky as his folks were able to pick him up.

    Isn't the Army supposed to get you back home by the most direct and efficient means on R&R? I've always had a hire car in the past.
  2. My OH 'ticked the box' for a hire car, but I had letter through the other day asking whether they still need to drop him off to his camp or whether we've made private arrangements.

    Total confusion.
  3. Would your OH be in the Southern half of the aforementioned country?
  4. yep, are southerners not allowed to drive? :)
  5. In the past I have usually been picked up by the unit duty driver, if I lived near camp, but on the odd occassion where I lived out, more than 50 minutes drive from camp, I was provided with a hire car, a Mercedes A class (Very nice - it was all the hire company had left).

    I think that if the unit can provide transport, they are supposed to as the fuel and vehicle is already paid for. The hiring of vehicles is sometimes quite costly and in an age where money counts, the Army expects you to make do. I don't know why you are complaining. At least you are getting home, with little or no cost to yourself. It was your mates choice for his family to pick him up, as transport had been offered.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    On Telic 4 the HCR rules were
    No hire cars from Brize -
    Duty of care it was a long flight back from BAS via Qatar
    No point doing 4 months in Iraq and falling asleep at the wheel 30 minutes out of Brize and killing yourself
    All personell top to bottom went back to Windsor with the duty driver
    However you could get an air warrant from Heathrow to your nearest civvie airport duty driver would drop you off and pick you up
    Easier for famillies they could go to the nearest airport and pick them up their rather than drag themselves down to Brize
    Only person that didn't do it was ....Me
    Brother in RAF at Brize he collected me

    Seemed pretty fair to me