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Discussion in 'RLC' started by lifesabummer, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi, bit of advice required.

    Just been told that on landing back in the UK on R&R, i will have to wait till the following day to get my flight to Germany on the Trooper as they won't buy a ticket that gets me Civ air the same day. Also have to use the Trooper on the way back which gets me back to the UK 2 days before my flight back to the sand. So in total lose 3 Days R&R to save the Government £95.

    Should i bite the bullet and buy my own ticket which i cannot claim back or do i have a case to put forward.

    Many thanks
  2. 95 quid versus 3 days.....I know what I'd do
  3. I'd buy my own as well - I even paid for my flight back from Iraq rather than go through the RAF system. 8 hours versus 24+. No brainer really!
  4. Strange as only last year our guys were being driven from Brize Norton to Heathrow/ Gatwick for a civilian flight to Germany, they only use the trooper flight if you're end of tour as you'll have all your kit to bring back home.

    Speak with your Movements clk as this looks like a mistake (unless your unit are being rigid on flights). Failing that, speak with the Movers as they'll know (hopefully). To lose 3 days R&R is not how we should be doing business to save a couple of quid.
  5. Yeah of course it's a no brainer, shit flight - buy yer own, shit kit - buy yer own. Same old story. Of course i'll prob buy a ticket, the point of the thread was to know if anyone knew any course of action that prevents me from forking out yet again for something that is an entitlement.
  6. Mini bus and driver will take you straight to heathrow. It's a good service. Ask as soon as you reach the reception at BZZ you will be on your way in no time.