R Mons to deploy eastwards

Does that mean some yellowbellies stay behind with a lame excuse and then get promoted while the real soldiers are doing a mans job ?
Read the article - it is 3 years old (like the oringinal post) .

Taffnp - go outside and have a word with yourself.

The-Daddy said:
are they back yet? :p
Three and a half years now. How many times have they been back and forth?
I went to Iraq with them which is why 60% of us handed in our kit or transferred. The Mt Ssgt was 59 and unable to go into the MT park as it was too hot. He spent most of his day in his office writing to his female penfriends telling them how he was in charge!! The MT Cpl was 57 and had to have his afternoon kip. The Iraqis nicknaked him Jedu - Father of my Grandfather!!

My best time was with real soldiers in Shaibah. I think they will be ok as long as they are attached and do not go as an independent unit.

despite your post being only 4 years after the fact, and i'm sure more than mildly offensive to the soldiers of that unit why exactly should they not be deployed as an independant unit in the future?

On what miraculous experience and logic is that comment based on?
You had to be there to witness it. What person driving stops his truck when we are being stoned halting all the convoy to tell us his window is cracked ?

The top cover clambered inside the cupola when we passed a wedding saying they were being shot at - better that than shoot the groom I guess.

Shot the unloading bay away!

Ventured into Iran due to a geographical error
We were building a bridge on the Shatt and the Ssgt when not hunting dogs with a shotgun from the EOD unit was placed in charge of taking a convoy with parts to the bridge site.

He was pretty curt and instead of telling the driver - bridge site - he insisted on telling him straight on - left - straight on. The driver was puzzled as he was going somewhere new, but was not one to argue with someone on three times as much pay as him so carried on.

Eventually they arrived weel pastthe site in unfamiliar countryside - one road which petered out and some lights in the distance.

He radioed the Ops room and explained that he was unable to find the site. Use map came reply - no map - use compass - no compass. Only a few kilometres away in the distance were lights from the camp fires of Iranian peasants. The border was not like the Berlin wall hardly distinguishable at all in some places.

The joke was that he saw a sign Iran welcomes careful drivers. He might not have known where it was but he certainly knew where it was not. He turned 180 and set off back the way he came. In the midst of all the commotion he mentioned that he was looking for the bridge site. Ah bridge site said the driver, I thought we were going somewhere new when you told me to drive past it.
Taffnp said:
Re: TA soldiers 'passed over for promotion'
Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:11 pm
I was mobilised for Telic 2 and went. Many fat knackers made excuses, oh have to feed my hamster sir can't go etc. All those who went and did their bit came back to find the yellow bellied fat knacker REMFs promoted and telling people with far more common sense and experience what to do.

It's then time to say here is my bag of dirty washing!

Re: Combat Fitness Test
Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:04 pm
When I was 43 in TA I did and trained for 8 miler then you know you can do anything they throw at you. Unfortunately most could not even do the 4 miler, but as usual they got their bounty. I am glad I finished when I did, the standard of trained soldiers in my old unit is horrendous. It looks more like weight watchers. If any physically demanding weekends are planned those who really need it fail to attend. There is a 5% core of TA who are part time dedicated soldiers and many, including myself go on attachments with regular units and fit in straight away. The other 95% sadly are tossers who can't wait for the bar to open or find someone new to suck up to. The best thing to do with TA is split them up and put them into regular units on tour. Their mentality is outdated, like fighting WW2 with WW1 tactics.

Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 7:10 pm
We had a dems weekend coming up on SPTA and as I had a welding job at the time, it was quite handy for making improvised shaped charges

Re: TA or not TA?
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 7:02 pm
Joining the regs straight off is the best. You can concentrate on being a soldier full time and you will know how much pay you will be getting. Also anyone in charge of you will be a real soldier too not some lardass whose civvy job is a roadsweeper and can't pass their CFT.

Good luck
Posted: Tue May 08, 2007 7:29 pm
TA annual camp in Wyke tented camp, many a drunken night returned to have a race through the tent lines, hurdling over the tents. Unfortunately some of the other team were a little chunky and there was the sound of splintering wood and swearing.

CO at the time had a bright idea that we would construct an aerial ropeway across the fleet. It took the Regt to construct it, with anchorages, safety etc. The traveller was ok going across to chesil but a little slow returning, so a WO2 had a bright idea to pull the traveller back with a minibus and some cordage which was wrapped round the lampost. Lampost promptly fell over. Only 4 crossed and then it was strip out.

Re: Why did you or your mate join the TA?
Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 7:31 pm
I was too old for Scouts and was unable to stay in any longer as I was beginning to shave. There were 5 different units in 1/4 square mile so I picked the one next to the bus stop which happened to be the Engineers. When I turned up on their drill night the place was full of 50 ppl in civvies. I followed the sound of the noise and found the bar. 25p a pint made sure I made a not to come back next week. Eventually after 5 weeks I managed to find the recruiting Cpl and told him I wanted to join. They then said that we would have to attend in uniform. A lot stayed away, but I continued to attend and progressed, attending courses and never attending less than 200 days a year.

I'm glad we can all sleep safe at night knowing you're one of the "5%" of the TA who aren't "tossers", and hope that you can continue to put in 200+ days a year. I'm sure the Mons were only to delighted to have you attached for the duration of their tour.

I must also commiserate with you on the fact that you've been passed over for promotion. Clearly given the time and effort you have dedicated to your TA career over the many years you've been in (I heard the falling lampost story at least 10(?) years ago) that your skills and worth haven't been recognised.

Keep up the good work.
I do apologise, I generalised, I was referring to the 5% of our unit who are not tossers. All my comments and attitudes are derived from my time with them.

We have SNCO's who cannot pass a CFT and are obese but continue to lead.

Individuals who have attended courses, have benefitted from being in an environment with individuals from other units, taught properly by regulars.

I did a Ferret course for two weeks in Bovington and was declared a Ferret driver. Our unit ran a similar course - an hour !

It's a bad attitude that needs to be eliminated.

They would benefit from being incorporated into Troops as Section Commanders 2ics and Sappers where they would develop these skills.

I know that many Cpls and SNCO's are not sure where there responsibilities start and end. If a TA Cpl were placed in a regular Troop as a section commander - he can only benefit. So too can the other ranks.

They performed well in Iraq but were let down by politics and poor planning by Senior management.
Not too sure about them going East, most have gone West, in the form of joining the new troop of 131 Cdo. More look set to follow or join the MWF.
These are not the fat knackers - they are the ones being led by the fat knackers. They have seen the light and wanted to do some real soldiering. A good bunch should do well. It's goodbye to the Mons for them and the SSM who shags other Sgts wives while they are away and an RSM who was locked up Xmas for being drunk and disorderly
Taffnp said:
These are not the fat knackers - they are the ones being led by the fat knackers. They have seen the light and wanted to do some real soldiering. A good bunch should do well. It's goodbye to the Mons for them and the SSM who shags other Sgts wives while they are away and an RSM who was locked up Xmas for being drunk and disorderly
Did he ever get filled in? I heard a rumour about it........
I think they have both been filled in.
Ref the SSM, are you sure that is a wise statement to make on an open forum?

You dull cünt.

If you are the top 5% I dispair...

I am sure 131 can barely wait to get their hands on you or are you no longer in and just slagging from the sidelines with your wealth of knowledge from 4 years ago?

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