R& L - Its arrived !

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. That's confused me; doesn't it usually come out in November ?

    Haven't read it all yet but already amazed by that fine example of detailed IPB on page 73. Who needs Google Earth. Only joking, DD. Very interesting article.
    Standing in an Arab dhow wearing an SAS windproof smock is definitely "ally." In fact, that photo (Page 72) should be on the "Search for an Ally Star" thread.

    On the Protective Security side; two photographs for the fencing enthusiasts (oh, sir !):
    Page 78 BS 1722 Part 10
    Page 127 Heras

    Eating guinea pig (Page 70) and the Mayor of Hackney (Page 119) ! What other British Army journal would have such an eclectic mix.
    Seriously though. Cracking couple of articles by Fred J (where would we be without him ?) and seeing the initials LfV, LKA, BfV, BND and BKA all together on page 82 gave me a serious flashback moment...I nearly spilled my Herforder.

    Best action packed photograph summing up the high-pitched frenzy that is life in the Intelligence Corps...page 125. It doesn't get better than that.
    Roll on the 2010 edition! Thank you to everyone involved in putting it together. We do appreciate it.
  2. Dubb - not received mine as yet so can you check the Obits pages and confirm that I am not mentioned (again) this year !
  3. No, you've still not got a mention in that section.

    So, somebody else actually read the thread. I thought it had died along with the Rugby shirt one and Sub's colostomy bags.
  4. I've read the thread several times I'll have you know. Like TMA, I haven't got one yet, so its a bit hard to visualise / follow...'for those of you watching in black & white, the green is just behind the yellow' etc etc
  5. The forum has died off a little of late. Probably more so today as we are all suspicious of an April Fool's joke.
  6. You'll enjoy the real thing so much more now that you've had a little taster....
  7. A bit like the farting and following through thread!!

    PS I read my Dad's RnL-it's cheaper that way
  8. What the Feck !

    Just opened it about 10 minutes ago and was agast at the first page !

    Before I turned to the somewhat longer listings of `deaths in the family` (thankfully I do not appear - although there appears to be a lot of room for pencilled enrtries ) what do I observe staring out at me on the first page and bang at the top centre ? An RAF unit Sqn badge ! Now that is taking the proverbial ! Perhaps the rumours that an arrse `contributor` has got much more influence than we thought are true ? :evil:

    Glad to see that the `new age` adverts are still in there - although I see a leaning towards `aquarelle` and oils is on the increase. Must be more Senior Officer portraits coming up for discussion at the next ICA Management Board :D

    Page 6 (lower-right) - so that is where you get your gimp masks from Subb ?

    Page 5 is interesting - wonder if Highlander Spy gave permission for his stunning six pack to be used ?
    Page 10- an excellent subterfuge for future deployment warning orders - tell em it is a short holiday :twisted:

    I see the Director mentions `security` a lot in his Foreward :rmp: :policeflat:
  9. Page 25 - You missed the obvious schoolboy joke about us now having a "Special Relationship" with FANY.

    Fnar, Fnar
  10. I have not got that far yet ! But I see they have more para trained members than 89 !

    I thought at first it was something to do with a current MEP formerly of the Corps ! :D

    Upset to see that you did not apply/get the Corps Sec job :? :cry:

    Who is he anyway ? - former Corps ? Other Arm ? Someone from the Onion Factory ? or has `Terry the Bin Man` resurfaced ?

    No explanation either within the publication or from other methods of comms.
  11. AKA " Mr Trustworthy" , the deep source of 120 Security Section ?

    Many a morning's invaluable security education and training provided by him, whilst we scruffy city lads were burning our classified round at the incinerator. 8O

    Full personality details are at Annex A
  12. I was delighted to note the welcome crest of 160 Squadron RAF {Api soya paragasamu (We seek and strike)}
    immediately inside the front cover of the latest Rose and Laurel.

    Formed at RAF Thurleigh in 1942, 160 Squadron was deployed to the Western Desert, then to the Far East conducting Mining attacks against enemy sea lanes, parachute supply operations in support of stay-behind forces and intelligence gathering missions.
  13. Only took him/her a week to reply ! Must be busy?
  14. I think that sums the RAF up very well - We Seek and Strike

    More likely to be We Seek but Never Find so We'll Strike until we get our way - I didn't know that UNITE and the NUR were equipped with Lysanders