R Irish HS redundancy payments announced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. The payments that R IRISH (Home Service) soldiers and officers will be entitled to have been announced by 'Orange' Adam Ingram, who, rather disappointingly, did not appear in the sash his father wore.

    Full details on BBC News

    On UTV, Gerry Adams said that it was a waste of money that could be put to better use, though he was glad that Sinn Fein had 'got rid of this hated militia' (which I suppose is true, since it was part of Bliar's appeasement of SF/IRA). Curious that Gerry doesn't seem to have realised that the battalions would never have been raised at all were it not for his PIRA mates and the other murdering scum criminals like them, or that disbandment would have happened so much sooner if SF/IRA didn't keep lying and cheating about their weapons.
  2. Lucky barstewards is all I can think of. I would get jack sh1t like that if I were made redundant now.
  3. Cheeky bastrad that Adams cnut is. Just 'cause his boys already have their pensions and redundancies in place but hopefully today's events in South Armagh will hit them where it hurts. In their fcuking wallets, better make those Armani suits last boys. Bastrads!
  4. http://www.nio.gov.uk/media-detail.htm?newsID=12853

    Thursday 9 March 2006
    Hain pays tribute to selfless service of RIR

    The brave men and women from the Royal Irish (Home Service) Regiment should be proud of the crucial role they have played in the fight against terrorism and the progress made towards a normalised society, the Secretary of State Peter Hain MP has said.

    He was speaking today after the Minister for the Armed Forces, Adam Ingram, announced the settlement package for the Royal Irish (Home Service) Regiment.

    Peter Hain said: “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the soldiers of the Royal Irish (Home Service) Regiment for their selfless service to the people of Northern Ireland.

    “Over the years, they have contributed and sacrificed so much and I would like to pay tribute to their dedication to duty and their fight against terrorism.

    “I recognise that disbandment will be painful for many but I hope that some comfort can be taken from the contribution by the Royal Irish (Home Service) Regiment towards the creation of a normalised society.”

    The Secretary of State said that the generous and unique nature of the settlement reflects that exceptional contribution by Home Service personnel.

    Typically, a Full Time Home Service Private with five years service will receive a tax-free lump sum payment of around £42,470. A Full-Time Home Service Lance Corporal with 16 years service will receive a tax-free lump sum payment of around £77,314, and a Full-Time Home Service Major with 22 years service will receive around £151, 211.
  5. £42k for a 5 year private, makes the payments made under options for change look like peanuts, is this straight up or is there a bit of poetic licence being employed, £151K for 22 year full time major rings about right if the numbers bandied about during options were right but £42k for a private soldier sounds a little on the high side (not that I begrudge it good look to them if they can get it some of them will certainly have earned it).

  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Where do I sign-up? Do previous tours in NI count towards my now expected huge payout?

    Good luck to you though, spend it well and wisely (pm me and I will tell you where to send me my cut)
  7. These figures are indeed acurate. They are the FIS/FAS redundancy PLUS the £28k ex-gratia payment.

    The additional money of £28k for the full time and £14k for the part time is a special payment to help these men & women find employment in civi street.

    The part time are not getting any redundancy as the MoD 'deem the PT to be casual workers' so they are not included in any redundacy payments. All the PT will be discharged on 31 Mar 07 which is 4 months earlier than expected.

    Many of the FT will be discharged in monthly 'tranches' up to 31 Jul 07 with a 'stay behind party' to close down return stores and accounts etc. The HS will cease to exist by 31 Mar 08 as all will have been discharged by then.

    For many this will be the end of an era. Personally I will be sad to go but I can hold my head high to say I did my bit.
  8. A touching epitaph to the end of an era.