R IRISH/Gurka Anti-Tank trade badge

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gaz3447, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello fellas,

    Was hoping someone would have some spare Anti-Tank trade badges for No.2 dress uniform? I've been trying to find some on waltbay with no success. They would need to be either R IRISH/RANGERS or GURKAS badges, due to the piper green colouring ofthe laurel and embriodry.

    If someone can supply some to me, I'm sure a (non-sexual) arrangement can be arrived at.

    It's to ensure our No.2 uniform is squared away if the worst happens on HERRICK 8 at the minute.


  2. is this it.

    scoll about near to the bottom and look for

    "Y1C147 EL 112A AT In Wreath (Anti-Tank Gunner; Royal Irish Rangers) Green On Black Embroidered £3.50"


    good luck with the tour

  3. Try the tailor in palace , they keep loads of bits and bobs lying about
  4. you can always try getting in touch with the CQ @ D coy London Irish Rifles.

    some of the lads there have just qualified and have the badge already on their 2's
  5. Had a conversation last night with someone, who said that avenue was out due to the green and black on the badge being inverted when compared to the Gurka/RANGERS one :s Not sure, but it sounds true enough.

    kellybadge.co.uk seems the only decent option. I dropped them an email (after finding it on google myself about 4 days ago) with an order request, but have yet to hear anything back :s
  6. The Gurkha Museum in Winchester always used to stock Gurkha trade badges
  7. Gaz

    You could always try a company called Intramark, can be good quality but you need to put all orders in writing and be very clear about what you want, even better if you have a sample for them to copy.

  8. Cheers, I dropped Intramark an email. Asked them for a quote for one for the whole platoon tbh. Would be interesting to see the prices involved.

    Ref kellybadge, I got a paypal payment request which was paid, so hopefully I'll get one through the post soon. Also emailed them to see what price he can offer compared to the Intramark quote.

    Cheers lads.
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Gurkha and R IRISH insignia are not interchangeable. The Gurkhas' badges are black on Rifle Green backing whilst the Micks wear green embroidery on black.

  10. wowowow, hold the phones, who was ever talking about the micks here?
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Apologies to offended R IRISH everywhere.
  12. Really? I was led to believe that the only difference between the R IRISH and GURKA badges was the colour of green on the embroidary. Gurkas is rifle green and R IRISH is pyper green. Negligable difference. My source may be wrong then :)

    Kellybadge man replied. I got the proper R IRISH AT trade badge from him, which arrived yesterday.

    Intramark also replied (very quickly). With a sample, they can knock up 30 exact copies for around £45 delivered. That would sort the whole Platoon out. Being a kind hearted NCO, I'll probably get them and get the Platoon squared away. The least we can do when running our yearly cadre is present them with the AT badge if they pass, instead of ''well done lads, you f**kin knocked your pans in for 2 weeks". I want to confirm the quality/accuracy of the copies first though.

    That's if the QM hasn't found the NSN for them yet :D
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The Gurkhas definitely use black on Rifle Green (which is actually so dark that you can hardly make out the black embroidery). We in the RGJ/RIFLES use the same as them for our barrack dress shirts.